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Why don’t you take your dog to obedience classes?

So many questions here can be helped by taking your dog to a simple obedience class. So, what’s the reason you don’t? They’re available everywhere, so it’s not lack of access. So what is it?

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20 Responses to “Why don’t you take your dog to obedience classes?”

  1. a gal and her dog© said :

    … they cost money?

    … they require effort?

    I don’t know either.

  2. Alexandrea Ziegler said :

    it sometimes cost alot of money but my dog is very smart so i dont neeed to

  3. iluvtorofl said :

    I can teach my dog to sit, stay, lie, heel without obedience classes. That is about all they offer in this area. You don’t need a “class” for simple commands.
    Some dogs have temperament issues that no training can solve.

  4. John S2005 said :

    Maybe the dog is too disobedient to go to the class !

  5. Corgis4Life said :

    I don’t take my dogs, because I teach them what I need them to know, just the basic commands, sit, stay, go lie down, etc, and a few tricks like roll over and shake and to play ball, etc. I don’t see the need to spend money to have someone teach my dogs what I already know how to teach them, and we live out in the sticks, so it’s not like they bother anyone else with any bad habits.

  6. Yo LO! © said :


    What’s sad is that the ones that don’t do any sort of training with their dogs are also 90% of the ones that drop their “out of control” dog off at the shelter.

  7. Ami B said :

    I think that most people while they take on the responsibility of a pet do not want to take the time that might be required to have them properly trained. Others it might be the money. I think that if someone has kids that probably takes up most of their time And money lol.

  8. Nekkid Dog © said :

    Well, I dont take my dog to classes, because I dont have any behavoiral problems with him.

    If we had behavoiral problems that I could not correct, I would go to a class.

  9. Debbie said :

    It’s too expensive, I’m a full time teacher and I am going to college to get my masters so I have no time after work, and I want to teach my puppy how to do things myself.

  10. girl_on_the_couch_inak said :

    my dog is such a flipping good boy and has great social skills due to going to dog day care since he was a pup….but i am going to take him to obedience class this summer so i can take him skijoring next winter….his only fault is when we walk he wants to meet everyone who passes by, not a safe thing when skijoring……..but not a problem when on foot…

  11. This Mutt's mine! said :

    Idk! I really feel alot closer to my dogs after the training classes! But gal and her dog is right, they do cost $ which is something that is apparently scarce for some of todays dog owners. It’s sad.

  12. Patricia B said :

    I believe that all problems with dogs and disobedience are caused by the owners that do not know how to relate to a dog properly. If you put enough effort and patience into learning how to educate a dog, and then actually doing it, you don’t need lessons. Most people aren’t willing to go through the effort of learning, or of having the patience. Many people have a personal problem that can be later reflected in the dog in question. Dog training is more about teaching the person than the dog.

  13. Luv big dogs said :

    Depends on the quality of your trainer. I’ve been through a basic obedience class with my current pup, although more for the socialization aspect than the training as I’m experienced enough to train the dog myself. My trainer gave bad advice and could not help many people in the class with basic questions. One-on-one trainers can be very expensive as well. There is no harm in people coming here for anecdotal advice first. At least people on here are trying to find ways to work with their dogs, rather than just dumping them at the pound!

  14. groomingal said :

    I have three well behaved dogs that were able to be trained at home for free.
    Don’t get me wrong the 18yr old kid at Petsmart wanting to charge me $100 for obedience classes might just be able to teach people how to sit, stay, down, heel, come.

  15. Nancy M- Happy Holidays from Sid said :

    Because the majority of humans want push button dogs — they don’t want to expend any real effort for their ‘beloved dogs’ — instead they would prefer to have someone give them some quick fix for their problem = that is why that ‘dog whisperer’ laugh show is such a joke – it is free and it gives them something to try and they are stupid enough to believe it — they think that they can ignore the disclaimer that absolves the guy and show from any liability from what happens when some idiot JQP tries his techniques at home and gets his face bitten off…

    It takes time, money and effort to rear children and dogs and people don’t do any of that with their own children so they sure aren’t going to do it with their dogs!

    add: The cost of training is minimal compared to the problem of having dogs that are disobedient. Obedience classes are not about training the dogs but about training the person to interact and train the dog properly == I would bet that not one of you who have come on her and said you dont’ need obedience classes with your dog actually do have a well behaved dog. I have trained dogs in various activities for decades and I am not foolish enough to think that I don’t need to take a dog to a class situation. When I take my dogs out in public or to the vets or anywhere I don’t have to make excuses for their lousy behavior. Sure you can teach them little things at home but they are not trained and if the persons stating that actually knew much about dog behavior/training, they would see how idiotic that sort of comment is on face. I can’t even count the number of dead and injured dogs I have known over the years with owners who have made those exact statements, not to mention the people that have said it that have ended up with serious behavioral issues in their dogs and bite incidents (that they chose to ignore because it was a small breed). Sorry but those who say all that are simply kidding themselves and know very little about their dogs or training in general or they wouldn’t say it.

    add: Bossoli – again, I agree with you. I haven’t run into too many good trainers that will not allow you to utilize methods that are more beneficial to the individual though — any trainer that is so set in their techiniques that they see no use or benefit of another techinique is a poor trainer — I am not a big clicker / treat trainer at all but I am not against it either IF it works for the individual but it, like any technique, has to be individualized and must work. One reason I have yet to recommend a petco/petsmart type class is I have yet to see a knowledgeable trainer in them. But there are usually obedience club classes or other trainers available and while they cost money, they do not cost any more than going out for a nice meal … and the time is a freaking hour a week and the short ten minute sessions several times a week at home — my gosh, if you can’t give your dog an hour or so and pay the equivilent of a meal at the crabshack, then don’t get a dog… that is a minimal expense of both time and money… People would prefer to just whine about it on the internet and hope someone gives them a pill to fix it…

  16. Kelly said :

    Well it costs money and time but i agree they work extremely well. I took my dog there and she’s very well behaved now.

  17. Jago said :

    I like our local classes they are fun to attend, for the dogs and the owners.Both learn a lot.

  18. Bossoli © said :

    I prefer working with a trainer. Most obedience classes don’t use the methods of training that I support. They’re based on clicker training and rewards but don’t teach the dog to respect you and obey no matter what. Most family obedience classes teach the dogs to comply only if there’s a valuable enough reward. Additionally, the socialization opportunities that these classes provide are very overrated.

    Add: Nancy- Just to clarify, I’m not completely against family obedience classes. But I do find that too many are run by trainers who will not allow you to think outside of their box. However, it always comes down to the individual dog. My Papillon would be a great candidate for clicker training/positive reinforcement training because he’s naturally eager to please and doesn’t have an independent, willful or dominant bone in his body. My Sibe, on the other hand, would happily walk all over any trainer who thought they could hold her interest with a clicker. While she has some psychological quirks, she has never been to an obedience class, nor has my Papillon, and they’re both angels.

  19. heathrjoy said :

    Actually, dog obedience classes are not available everywhere. I live in Northcentral PA in a small town and the closest obedience classes to me are over 2 hours away. That’s not feasible for me. I have actually thought of opening an obedience school myself, but I honestly don’t know how it would work out here. Another note…in the last 4 years we finally got a Humane Society and shelter in our county…and they don’t even accept dogs yet.

    What I’ve done is to read, read, read and spend lots of time with my dogs training them. I’ve read stories of folks who did take their dogs to obedience training, and sometimes it sounds like my dogs are trained better anyway. It’s the follow through that matters.

    Other than not having a school close my guess would be that folks don’t have time because of working, don’t know the true benefits of taking a class for their dog, or just don’t have the money at the time it’s most needed. I’m sure there are also folks who think classes for a dog is something only someone like Paris Hilton would do, lol.

    I’d love to take my dogs to classes, just for them to socialize if nothing else. We don’t even have a dog park here.

  20. hunterdog57 said :

    Most people think that going to class 1 hour a week will get their dog trained. A majority of those foks don’t work with their dogs during the week between classes.
    The classes are designed to teach you how to train your dog.
    I have 4 dogs. All of them have been thru or are in classes now. 3 of them have their CD title. One has her CDX/U-CDX, Rally advanced, Novice Agility, U-AG1 & 2.
    SOme people just don’t think their dogs need any training or socialization that the classes provide.


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