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Is it OK to grind whole cherries including pits in smoothie drinks?

I’ve been experimenting with health drinks using a Vitamix blender which breaks down whole fruits and vegetables to the cellular level. I include cantaloupe seeds, whole apples but was concerned about cherry pits. Any thoughts?

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6 Responses to “Is it OK to grind whole cherries including pits in smoothie drinks?”

  1. celticwarrior_amazonwoman said :

    Cherry pits won’t break down. They’re not the same as apple or cantaloupe seeds. I don’t think your blender blades would like it either.

  2. Chris528 said :

    no. Cherry pits are poisenous. They also don’t break down. It would contaminate the whole drink and you will die after consuming any part or the cherry pit.

    Please be careful

  3. Matthew P said :

    Also be careful of apple seeds. I have heard, although this is unconfirmed, that they contain a mild poison which acts as a diarrhetic in humans.

  4. Puma said :

    Cherry pits are toxic because they release hydrogen cyanide when ground. Although a single pit or two will not kill you, a bunch of them will. You can easily detect it with the typical odor of ‘bitter almonds’ (amaretto flavor, almond essence flavor). It will also taste bitter. These flavors come from hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde.

    (artificial almond essence contains only benzaldehyde, which is not toxic in small amounts).

    Should you drink any significant quantities of cherry pits, induce vomiting immediately.

    Cherry pits are intermediate in toxicity between peach pits (a handful will do you in) and apple seeds (a cupful will). I would not worry about grinding apples and their seeds, but do not do it with peaches, apricots or cherries.

  5. Double Tree Mutt said :

    I would take ’em out before grinding…I don’t think they break down very easily.

  6. AdAm W. said :

    no. the pits don’t break down and the pits are deadly poisinous. the blenders blades would probably break to.


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