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Does anyone have a good recipe for chicory please?

I need a real good recipe for chicory must be someone’s own creation not from a book something different be it hot cold sweet or sour please guys help me out.

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5 Responses to “Does anyone have a good recipe for chicory please?”

  1. bigturkeyme said :

    leave that stuff alone

  2. Joanne A. W said :

    Are you aware that chicory is a bitter coffee???
    Click this link:

    Most people pour l/2 cup cream to l/2 cut chicory, with sugar before they drink it.

  3. man2mal said :

    Yes, Take entire stock of chicory and add to garbage, wait until collection day and WALA! you have done the best thing for yourself that you could use chicory for.

  4. sony said :

    get a tortilla put cheese onion and chicory on top then top with another tortilla dry fry on both sides and enjoy with bit of sweet chilli sauce on side

  5. Miss Petunia said :

    I don’t think there is such a thing. I tried working with chicory to no good results. Good luck.


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