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smoking qestion: would people give up smoking cigarettes for the sake of a relationship?

Non smokers: would you break up with someone who declined to quit for the sake of the “relationship” ? Have you?

Smokers: have you had relationships end with the not quitting smoking being blamed as the reason?

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14 Responses to “smoking qestion: would people give up smoking cigarettes for the sake of a relationship?”

  1. Mom of B & D said :

    my b/f will not. his two kids asked him to stop and i’ve asked him to stop. he said he’ll stop when HE feels it’s time for him to stop even though he had stopped before. i will not break up with him though. however, i do not want to loose him to cancer.

    Mom of B & D

  2. Kisses123 said :

    yes because smoking is disgusting and terrible for you. anyone who wouldn’t give up smoking for me must be a real jerk with BIG problems.

  3. JustMe said :

    I’m a smoker and have never had a relationship end for that reason. I have dated more non-smokers in the past and they knew I smoked when they asked me out. As time passes and they start to have complaints I tell them you knew I smoked, if you dont like it you can leave.

  4. stolen kisses said :

    i would break up with a guy who smoked . . . .

    i think it might happin soon if he doesnt quit by march

  5. sweetchick21 said :

    i wouldnt end a relationship over it. im actually in the process of quiting now, but i wouldnt care about dating someone who did

  6. Tek said :

    i am honest about the fact that i smoke from the get go..if someone who then dates me says anything about it, i walk

    IF it ever happened that i fell in love again and that person asked me to stop, i would

  7. evilprincess said :

    no because i could never date anyone who smoked. it’s a dirty stinky habit.

  8. NA2006 said :

    I am a non smoker – i have dated many people who smoke … of coarse i hated it and B****** about it but in the end if you love someone a habit should be nothing to break up with them for – no matter how DISGUSTING the habit!

    but i think u should quit for many other reasons …. my dad passed away in 2001 because of pancreatic cancer due to smoking and he wasnt even a heavy smoker he only smoked maybe 4 a day — he passed away at the age of 55! 🙁 take it from me its not worth your health and ur LIFE! This new years make a resolution to change for YOURSELF and for your girlfriend. And now a days theres no excuse not to .. there are hundreds of things out there to help you quit!

  9. Trese said :

    I smoked and dated non-smokers and they knew this ahead of time. I have not been asked to stop, or had that relationship end because of it. I do however take in the consideration that because I smoke, I try to not smoke around them. And when the subject came up about me quitting, I would say when I am ready to. But if a non-smoker and smoker get together, they should respect each other and not let that get in between. Compromise.

  10. tatertot said :

    well I made my b/f quit. I just think its gross….I mean with a relationship your going to kiss that mouth and I just think its really nasty. And personally, smoking is just like a stick to kill you with you know? I just don’t really like it. I have nothing against it…some of my closest friends smoke…but I don’t want to regularly kiss someone who smokes.

  11. I'minlovewiththeboy said :

    I don’t smoke and neither does my boyfriend…however, if he DID smoke, I wouldn’t be with him…BECAUSE I am allergic to cigarette smoke, and I get really sick…and for that reason also, yes I WOULD break up with some one if they wouldn’t give it up for me….besides the fact that it is a disgusting habit.

    A few years ago by boyfriend (who was probably around 16 or 17 at the titme…I don’t know because we weren’t together then) told his dad that the only thing he wanted for Christmas that year was for him (his dad) to quit smoking because he was so worried about his health and he really hated his dad smoking…so his dad quit…for like a month…then when his fiance wouldn’t give it up with him, he just started again….it bother’s my bf a lot.

  12. LB said :

    Prior Smoker– Quit for health reasons.

    I didn’t quit always dated smokers. My honey is trying to quit. I won’t pressure him to do it. I know how hard it is. He doesn’t smoke near me out of respect.

  13. offensivetoall said :

    I’m in the process of quitting right now, and believe me, it’s a process.

    I’ve never had anyone make a very big deal of it. This one girl said she wouldn’t go out with me unless I quit smoking… and that motivated me enough to get me to stop smoking for about 2 days. So no, I don’t think I would quit for someone else.

    I think you have to quit for yourself.

  14. I want your soul! said :

    I would not give it up for anyone but myself and my children. It is way too much stress and physical discomfort! If someone does not like smoking, then dont date someone that smokes, it is that simple!


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