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Should they put calories in cigarettes to encourage people to give up smoking?

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19 Responses to “Should they put calories in cigarettes to encourage people to give up smoking?”

  1. ninispad said :


  2. USAman ® said :

    Maybe, but how would calories in the smoke make someone fat? You don’t eat the smoke or the cigarette, so that would be impossible.

  3. shabz_in said :

    dont think anything matters to the ppl who wanna smoke.a lot of ppl even think they loose weight by smoking.they say tht they dont feel tht hungry when they smoke so thts y they smoke in the first place.

  4. εϊз Lauren εϊз said :

    haha yeah :p

  5. tumbleweed said :

    Should they force fat people to start smoking after they finish every meal?

  6. Eric S said :

    nah that would kill me literally.

  7. lulabellalu said :

    What a great idea! And fat and cholesterol too.

  8. jez259 said :

    That is such a good idea seeing as some people dont want to stop as it curbs their weight.

    Yeah, Id like to see the rreaction.

  9. ~Seeing Eye Dog~ said :

    Yer but then the ppl that keep smoking jhave a higher risk of cancer right? coz of fat?

  10. thecryingbear7 said :

    lol i don’t think thats possible
    doesn’t calories have to come from something solid/liquid?

  11. . said :

    who would “they” be? the cig firms wouldnt wanna lose business to the ones that dont put calories in. the government wouldnt do it because deep down they dont want people to stop smoking. they would lose out on all that tax revenue.
    Why Calories? Some people dont mind about gettin fat. The best way would be to make them taste like sh!t.

  12. TheDudeAbides said :

    HAHA death didnt work why would getting fat?

  13. .... said :

    whatever you place on a cigarette won’t discourage a man to stop smoking if he really is addicted to it.. it’s really up to the person if he wants to give up the vice or not.. ^^,

  14. Bill D said :

    If the health risk associated with smoking doesn’t put people off I can’t see what good any other measure would do.

  15. Vikkip67 said :

    No, then I would just want them. If there is a calorie to be found, I will ingest it somehow.

  16. Im just a girl.ツ said :

    pfft…you think that would work? remember…they put a ton of em’ in takeaway food and NOW look were we are…

    obese that’s were lol. (well not everyone but whatever)

  17. why?why?why? said :

    if seven dollars a pack didn’t make them quit i doubt anything but good old fashioned determination will make it happen…..but you did pose a very interesting idea…star for effort

  18. Kelly said :

    That would be a good idea, I wuld probably cut down if I put on weight from smoking.
    Smoking has been really good for my figure, I’m afraid of the changes to my body from quitting smoking.

  19. Ashygirl L said :

    i doubt that will do the trick i think stop making it period would do it


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