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Websites with good and easy slow-cooker/crock-pot recipes?

Anyone know of any? Got my first slow-cooker (aka crock-pot) for Christmas and looking for a website with a bunch of easy recipes

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11 Responses to “Websites with good and easy slow-cooker/crock-pot recipes?”

  1. Cister said:
  2. misintx said:
    Hope this helps!

  3. GRNeyzNYC said:

    Here’s a site where you can click specific food recipes … or click sites with even more crockpot recipies!!

    Happy cookin’ … there are endless recipes and recipe sites here!
    U could probably make a different one for every day of the year!!


  4. ~*~Tessa~*~ said:
  5. ADragonsGoddess said:

    I too just got a slow cooker for Christmas. It’s wonderful. The id my perferred site. They even have desserts! The cherry crisp sounds delicious! I gave you the links again. 🙂 You will learn you can experiment and come up with your own ecipes too. My mom and I make this killer beef stew and it isn’t wrote down because it changes everytime, you throw what you want to in it.

  6. mom2119114 said: This is a great website!They have just about everything you can think of!

  7. Suz said:

  8. Chris A said:

    Parenting sites usually have slow cooker recipes.

  9. nova30180 said:

    Log onto and simply type in your recipe request. You’ll get an answer in seconds with many, many recipes to choose from.

    They also have a place where you can chat with others, ask questions, and exchange recipes and ideas.

  10. Think About It said:

    I found some slow cooker information on this site. I think they have recipes too.

  11. Sarah S said:

    Weight Watchers web site. You don’t have to be a member. Just do a search.


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