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What are some easy songs to learn on acoustic guitar?

Pretty straight forward. Im trying to learn guitar, I know most of the major chords…what are some cool songs (not country) to learn on it?

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5 Responses to “What are some easy songs to learn on acoustic guitar?”

  1. escapedmelodies said:

    “Time of Your Life” by Green Day is one. It’s a simple strum pattern and only uses…three basic chords I believe.

  2. X said:

    I was going to say The same thing as the first poster- the name of the song can be listed as that or “Good Riddance.” It’s the first thing I learned to play =)
    Story of my Life- Social Distortion is pretty basic. It’s actually played on an electric, but I like it better acoustic.

  3. hexv said:

    If you know the basic guitar chords there are loads of nice songs you can play. Here’s a few:

    Amazed by Lonestar
    Breathing by Lifehouse
    Clocks by Coldplay
    Dreams by The Cranberries
    First Cut Is The Deepest by Cat Stevens
    Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
    Here Without You by Three Doors Down
    Horse With No Name by America
    Hotel California by The Eagles
    House of the Rising Sun by The Animals
    Pianoman by Billy Joel
    Please Forgive Me Bryan Adams
    Wonderwall by Oasis

    This site has the chords for most of these songs and some other easy ones. It’s in an Ebook you can download…

  4. a1701831 said:

    I’ve said that least 1701831 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

  5. black friday said:

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