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Should i learn and play acoustic or electric guitar first?

i wanna learn how to play guitar but which should i start with

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10 Responses to “Should i learn and play acoustic or electric guitar first?”

  1. someone said :

    you should start with acoustic cuz electric is a little more advanced

  2. kennaayy said :

    go with acoustic first.
    thats what i did.
    its waay better to start 🙂
    hope i helped

  3. Josh K said :

    Go for the acoustic it makes the electric guitar a little easier to begin with

  4. Nicole said :

    elerctric guitar

  5. Liars Love Lies. said :

    Definitely acoustic.
    It’s much cheaper, and you don’t need to buy an amp.
    It won’t blister your fingers as much at first.

  6. Soupboy said :

    Acoustic, because they arnt as loud, and they wont piss anyone off while you are in the shit stage, trust me, i started with electric, not good idea;) you wanna start on the acoustic, learn chords, how to read tablature, and how to tune etc.

  7. Emily said :

    I would recommend, as a guitar player myself, that you learn acoustic first. This is because you need to build up strength in your fingers as the acoustic guitar strings are steel and so slightly more difficult to play. If you eventually want to be able to play both, the transition from acoustic to electric will be far easier than electric to acoustic.

    I hope this has helped, and good luck with the playing.

  8. Scarface said :

    acoustic cause that way u can get better at the basics

  9. mASty said :

    neither. bey a protitute insted.

  10. Learning to play guitar said :

    Start with acoustic first. You will be able to learn faster and grasp the basics compared to playing with an electric guitar.


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