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What Guitar Should I learn to play between a Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar?

I want to learn to play guitar. I have no experience so i want to start from scratch.

My favorite genre is rap/hiphop so which guitar should i get. I know its mainly for rock/country etc so im fine with that.

is acoustic for country mostly? i would rather pick rock over that so which one can i play more songs to enjoy
is acoustic mainly for country? because i w

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4 Responses to “What Guitar Should I learn to play between a Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar?”

  1. Claire said :

    acoustic, It’s just better to learn how to play.

  2. crosstwntraffic said :

    Electrics are far easier to play for a beginner. They are easier on the fingers and let you build up calluses gradually. Acoustics are harder to fret and will hurt your fingers until you get used to it. And acoustics are not just for country. Classical to Jazz, Folk and Blues. Acoustics are good for every kind of music.

  3. Pinoy said :

    well lemme lay down da facts about each one then recommend one or the other
    electric guitar is a very cool can play very different sounds and can get very loud which in my opinion i really dig.well the electric is slimer a bit heavier but for a good reason playing an electric makes me feel really good
    accoustic give a very nice calm sound and not heavy at all but sorta think and chuncky but hey dat is what makes it sound all nice.
    so my recommendation is an electric guitar because you can get an accoustic sound clean to a very hard distortion whihc is awesome so bottom line is if your big enough and your neighborhood cna handle the noise get an electric but if you cant get that loud get an accoustic.but seriously doesnt electric guitar seem more fun 😛

  4. chacha said :

    i recently learned to play the acoustic. i started on acoustic and then learning to play the electric was easier than it would have been if i were to start on electric then try acoustic. all around acoustic guitars are better to learn on


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