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i want to learn guitar but my mom says i should start acoustic do i have to?

I really want to learn electric. i understand that i should the basics with an acoustic but think about the prives plus im a fast learn so i would probably end up askin for an electric one less than 6 months after getting the acoustic

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2 Responses to “i want to learn guitar but my mom says i should start acoustic do i have to?”

  1. Holly said :

    You don’t have to start with acoustic.
    However, people who start with acoustic usually end up better guitar players when they switch to electric.
    Acoustic guitar is a little tougher to play. Usually the actions are higher so you have to push down on the strings harder. So when you switch to electric, you will find that it will be much easier to play.

    Either way, make sure you stick with it!
    Good luck!

  2. Oli said :

    If all you ever want to play is electric then I’d be tempted to say you could skip the acoustic stage. I compare that with clarinet/saxophone: if you start on the clarinet then the saxophone is easier to get into and you can switch back to clarinet easily but if you start on sax it’s more difficult to get into clarinet playing.

    However if Mom says you should then there is some mileage in listening to her advice. Playing the acoustic as well as the electric will probably help you make more progress and you will be able to experience the benefits of each.


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