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What are some healthy breakfast recipes?

I LOVE breakfast, but a lot of the food I like is high calorie and high fat. What are some healthy recipes or healthy food ideas that wont break the calorie bank?

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8 Responses to “What are some healthy breakfast recipes?”

  1. hollyholly8 said :

    good cereal… like Special K or Kashi (sp?). Anything with whole grain.. even a whole grain bagel with cream cheese isn’t too awful. Granola bars. Yogurt. Fruit. English muffins. Eggs. Turkey bacon

  2. momofthree said :

    English Muffin and jam
    Turkey Bacon
    Whole Grain Toast

  3. Bailey said :

    Cut up fruit and plain yogurt?

  4. Jesse R said :

    i like a english muffin with a poached egg and a slice of ham sandwich style, you get carbs to get you going and protein to keep you going till lunch, and as long as you don’t add mayo or something there aren’t too many calories

  5. mamaflutey said :

    Fake French Toast
    2 eggs
    1 TBS water
    1 pkt Splenda
    dash of cinnimon

    Beat the eggs (by hand is fine) in a small bowl. Add the rest and beat some more. Spray a small fry pan with non-stick spray. Heat on medium high until a drop of water would sizzle. Pour eggs into pan and cover. Cook until set. (Covering the pan makes this light and fluffy.)

    Serve immediately with a little no sugar syrup …optional..i haven’t used it.

  6. norcalgal said :
  7. Nickaree said :

    Instead of regular bacon use turkey bacon, really good. And try egg beaters instead of reg eggs. There’s the ol’ fruit and yogurt but that can get boring after awhile. There’s lots of healthy breakfast recipes on this site:

  8. Yasmin said :

    Crunchy granola it tastes nice and is good for you with soya milk and grapefruit and a strawberry and banana smoothie


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