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What are some healthy breakfast recipes that are sort of easy to make?

I’ve lost almost 45 lbs. But I am having trouble losing anymore. Currently at 159 lbs. I love eating sort of sugary cereals for breakfast like fruit loops and pops. Since I cannot lose anymore weight, I am going to cut out sugar cereals to see if that will help.

So, what are some healthy recipes that are high in protein preferably, but are somewhat easy to make? I have lots of eggs, my mother has chickens so eggs are always in high quantity here. But I hate just making egg white omelets all the time.

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13 Responses to “What are some healthy breakfast recipes that are sort of easy to make?”

  1. Kaz said :

    Grape Nuts: Just add milk

  2. Ugly said :

    You need something filling for breakfast to keep you from eating a large lunch.
    I recommend an omlette. I usually slice up some bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and canadian bacon at the beginning of the week and keep it in a plastic baggy in the fridge so that I can make them quickly in the morning.

    You just beat the eggs with a bit of milk, pour it in the pan, dump some of the veggie/meat mixture in there and cook it on medium low heat until it hardens up a bit. Then you dump cheese and fold half the eggs over the other half and cook it for a bit longer on both sides.

  3. T Money said :

    I love to scramble egg whites, with jalapenos and cheese. Also you can always buy turkey bacon, and eat it with wheat bagels. There is also oatmeal with low sugar added, and grits are always good as well. To add a little spice, I like to use salsa on my eggs, and make a breakfast burrito with a wheat tortilla. I found the other day, that they make breakfast turkey sausage, so I have started adding that to my burritos. Fresh fruit is always a plus too!!!

  4. Batul said :

    you could try cereal with berries or chocolate chips and milk alongside orange juice and toast
    just like the breakfasts you see on the tv ads

  5. Loudi said :

    fruits would be best, especially to replace sugary cereals because they’re so sweet and they have sugar in them which will help your body deal with the change as well, just a lot healthier sugar! 😉

    congrats on the weight loss too! way to go!.

  6. mom2b said :

    Oat meal/ Corn flakes (Original not with any flavours) with sliced banana, almonds and walnuts mixed with little milk in it,
    Scrambled/boiled/ egg omelete with spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, spring onions and onions in them.
    If you are scrambling the egg, saute the veggies with little olive oil, you may add chillies if you like them hot but not much. Then add the scrambled (seperately done) eggs with a pinch of salt and fresh ground black peppers.

    If you are making an omlete, the easy way is to smear the pan with little olive oil and put whisked egg on it. Keep the flame low, and quickly add the chopped veggies with salt and pepper. then raise the flame and fold the omelete into half and cook it until it is done.

    Cheese is not that healthy.

    A bowl of fresh fruits
    and a glass of warm milk/coffee/ Tea.

    Drink lot of water, preferably in room temperature, this allows your stomach to digest the food completey and faster.

    A filling breakfast will make you eat less during the day.

  7. bigralso said :

    I don’t know how healthy some of them are, but some sure look good.

  8. Joy said :

    Some ideas for you:
    Mix egg white with lean chopped ham and cook in a skillet.
    Oatmeal with raisins.
    A small bagel with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter.
    Low fat cottage cheese or yogurt is high in protein.

  9. Joanne A. said :

    When I was young, each morning I would have a fried egg sandwich with a little mayo for breakfast before going to school. This will give you protein and energy.

    Be sure to have an 8 oz glass of 1% or 2% milk each morning. You need your daily milk.

    My younger brother would have boiled eggs for breakfast and/or for snacks.

    Here is a fun thing to do…one eyed egg sandwich…make a large hole in the center of a piece of bread. Heat a skillet, add a little butter, crack egg into the hole, fry on both sides.

    Egg salad is good any time during the day even breakfast.

    My daughter use to have “Instant Breakfast” milk drink that comes in dry packages of different flavors, and a piece of toast before going to morning classes. “Instant Breakfast” has vitamins and minerals in it. Use 1% or 2% milk. As a clerk to help you find “Instant Breakfast” at your grocery store.
    More information:

    Video on how to make a breakfast smoothie:
    Precooked breakfasts:

    Walk around your local grocery store and get to know what they sell. Ask a clerk or manager to show you where everything is. Here are just a few of the many wonderful items that you will fine to pop into your microwave. Use honey or a little syrup. Read the directions on the containers:

    Frozen precooked pancakes.
    Frozen precooked waffles.
    And many many more frozen precooked foods.
    Boxes of 8 to 12 packages of instant oatmeal. Comes in different flavors. Add 1/2 cup hot water or hot milk and let sit a couple of minutes before eating. Toast or English muffins goes well with this. English muffins are found in the bread department at your store. Brown in toaster.

  10. step885 said :

    2 packets Quaker healthy weight oatmeal; top with 2 tbsp chopped nuts and 1 tsp sugar free maple syrup.

    1 light Fiber One english muffin with Morningstar veggie sausage patty

    All-Bran cereal; add 2 tablespoons of slivered almonds, your choice of skim milk or unsweetened soy milk, and one cup of blueberries.

    Wheat toast, add tomato then part skim cheese slice and broil until bubbly.

    Yogurt Smoothie ***
    – 1/3 cup of low or nonfat plain or flavored yogurt.
    – 1/4 cup of fresh or canned pineapple or peaches.
    – 1/2 cup Egg Whites
    Place in blender and mix 10 to 15 seconds.

  11. Emma said :

    you find good recipes at goodhousekepping or at or at

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