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What are some healthy recipes of your own that you really like?

My dad and i are trying to come up with some recipes that are really good and healthy. It doesn’t matter what meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, soups, a way you make your meat, crackers, bread, granola, sauce, anything!
Please give anything!
Recipes of your own?
Recipes you like of someone else!
Books? (not very preferred but ok)

Thank you so much!
btw where not vegetarians, we just want something good, healthy (not outrageously healthy thought) and somewhat easy to make!

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9 Responses to “What are some healthy recipes of your own that you really like?”

  1. caiti21 said :

    I posted this recipe earlier, but it’s so good, I don’t mind doing it again.

    On a piece of foil, place a salmon fillet and a bunch of asparagus. salt and pepper them, and then cover in lemon juice. Roll the foil loosely (so that the insides can steam) and bake at 400 for 20 minutes. INCREDIBLY healthy and delicious. I usually serve it with couscous with dried cranberries and carrots in it

    For breakfast, nothing nothing beats oatmeal. It’s healthy and so so filling.

    Also, you can get some pork chops and marinate them in evoo, lemon juice, garlic powder, and rosemary for 6-12 hours, and then stick them under the broiler for 10 minutes on each side. SO easy, and really good.

    Remember to treat yourselves now and then, or else you’ll end up craving sweets! I suggest a nice fruit dessert regularly. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Ted said :

    On these warm, fall nights Gazpacho is delicious, or if it’s called in your area, Butternut Squash soup with a dollop of fat-free sour cream. Also, chicken pot pie is wonderful homemade with a cornbread crust. I make my own hummus and it’s incredible. I use a lot of garlic. If I have enough left over I put a bit of flour (spelt can be used) and falafel. Another good one is brussel sprouts pan cooked with walnuts and then finished with vinegar and (vegetarian) bacon-flavored bits.

  3. Amy W said :

    I just made a healthy dinner last night that was delicious. It was pan seared chicken breasts cooked in butter but you know chicken breast doesnt absorb the butter and it leaves some of the good taste on top. To season it I used salt, pepper and chicago steak seasoning. I also made roasted red potatoes with one big vidalia onion sliced up with it, all seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley and olive oil, roasted in the oven at 425 for about 40 minutes. Gotta give the onions a chance to develop their sugars. And lastly I made steamed zuchinni and squash seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil. It was so good. Im jealous my husband gets it for lunch today.

  4. Lola Rose said :

    Breakfast – I think porridge with milk and some dried fruits and say a banana is good 🙂
    Or Muslie with yoghurt and some raisins and a fruit or seomthing!

    Dinner/lunch – My mum makes lentl soup Thats very good!
    Or prawns in a coconut/tomatoe sauce with rice.
    Or you can make your own garlic bread or home made french fries.
    Fish in a a curry sauce
    Fried tofu and maybe potatoes or seomthing.
    Salad, but not jsut salad leaves you can add thigns like cheese/tofu/mong beans/corn/tomatoe/carrot/chicken.. lots of things and then you can make your own sauce or add vinegar or soemthing.
    Home amde BLT’s are always ncie aswell!

    Snacks – Home made sesame snaps. Home made flapjacks/muslie bars.
    Fruit smoothie (Lots of fruit and then yu can add milk/yoghurt/ice cream)
    Fruit salad

    There are some ideas anyway

    For desserts, you could do seomthing like furit smoothie with ice cream. Home made applepies. Healthy mmuffins (Apple/carrot/blueberry something like that) Home made ice-cream, sorbets. Oat cookies….


  5. extremejoy880 said :

    Here is an awesome website that was voted #1 of it’s kind Hope this helps

  6. FrankJ said :

    This Shrimp Scampi recipe is slightly modified to reduce calories and fat without sacrificing taste. Shrimp Scampi goes well by itself or over your favorite pasta. I prefer serving Shrimp Scampi over angel hair or linguine pasta.

  7. White Frog said :

    One of my favourites is Bibim Naeng Myun it’s Korean and very light/healthy. Would recommend looking at the following recipe:

  8. sandhillkar said :

    These are my two favorites.

  9. Kathy Miller said :

    You might want to try the chili recipes on this site. They have a whole section on healthy recipes. They are all good. Most people do not realize how healthy chili can be and still taste good


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