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What are some quick healthy recipes I can eat for a snack?

As school is soon to be starting again I wanted to know of some quick and healthy recipes I can make before getting started on home work.
What would you suggest I eat/make?
I’m might also freeze some fruit and other things so that I can leave them out in the morning and they will be ready to it when I get home, what foods/recipes are healthy and freeze well for this purpose? Thanks!

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5 Responses to “What are some quick healthy recipes I can eat for a snack?”

  1. TX2step said :

    Keep a big jar of dry-roasted nuts and dried fruit & Craisins.. You can even take little baggies of this with you to school. ….. I used to layer yogurt with granola or apple-cinnamon wheat germ (in about 3 layers) in parfait glasses for my daughters. I’d do it the night before, and they’d have it for breakfast…..

  2. grammapilot said :

    pepers curks orange apple pop corn

  3. llselva4 said :

    I like almonds & dried apricots & cranberries
    peanut butter and apple slices
    humus and pita triangles
    hard boiled eggs (might be a little stinky)
    carrots and celery sticks
    granola(careful sometimes dense in calories) and yogurt
    homemade popcorn

  4. Emilee said :

    I usally have yogurt, dry cheerios, granola bar, or any type of fruit.

  5. integraguy2001 said :

    Sandwiches are healthy. Don’t eat too much sweet stuff.


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