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What foods are considered to be redneck food?

Are mash potates with brown gravy and salisbury steak redneck food? I am trying to avoid eating foods that are considered to be redneck food.

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9 Responses to “What foods are considered to be redneck food?”

  1. Elias Agnier said :

    YOU will be missing out on some good eatin!

    Try possum, squirrel, raccoon , mountain folks food!

  2. Amanda said :

    sounds like you are describing a frozen hungry man microwavable dinner. I wouldn’t categorize mashed potatoes and gravy or Salisbury steak as redneck food. Redneck food is like fried spam. potted meat. deer meat. tuna casserole. Sheppard’s pie. stuff like that. (i know three rednecks… nice people but this is what they are accustomed to eating) fried and beer battered vegetables and meats. eat baked chicken instead of fried if only for better health.

  3. C.J. said :

    If you are trying to avoid redneck food then do not under any circumstances eat any type of road kill you see along the side of the road no matter how tempting or mouth watering it appears to you.

  4. Dune said :

    Inside Redneck Cuisine
    Redneck food is a time-honored tradition that dates back for centuries. Here in North Carolina, you often find recipes while doing genealogy research, and I’ve seen recipes for everything imaginable that might stroll by a log cabin.
    Redneck gourmet cuisine is built upon convenience, like finding ways to make a gamey deer into an edible masterpiece. The stakes are high (you have to be able to “keep it down”), and there are limited resources, so it requires ingenuity and skill.
    As you might expect, the resulting redneck recipes are amazing and you could never tell exactly what you are eating.

    A Christmas gingerbread trailer

    Remember, we must introduce “snob-appeal” in the cuisine guys and make them appreciate it that each recipe is the result of 300 years of trial-and-error. This is the home of southern fried chicken, but non-southerners don’t know that rednecks have tricks to fry-up almost anything. We even have chicken-fried bacon. Here is an example of the typical redneck dishes in North Carolina:

  5. srgriffin said :

    let me tell you something DUDE! u r a SNOB! there is NOT an actual
    “redneck” food!!! and rednecks are NOT only in the south! MOST of the BEST cusines come from poor regions in the world where people HAVE to eat something killed in the road! You might say they are rednecks!
    if you put a “redneck” label on food then dont eat ANYTHING! I hope you STARVE! I cant stand people like you!

  6. Not Very Helpful said :

    Mashed potatoes

  7. mama outlaw said :

    So what are you going to do with your chit’lins when butchering time comes?

  8. J.H.B said :

    Armadillo, boiled peanuts and possum

  9. Auryana said :

    Casserol! STRAIGHT UP


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