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Need help with a Christmas present for my wife. Likes cooking?

She likes cooking but I dont want to buy a cookbook or a kitchen utensil. Any cooking games or other novelties ?

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9 Responses to “Need help with a Christmas present for my wife. Likes cooking?”

  1. Matt W said :

    Get her some special spices or flavored oils. These are great for you and her!

    Good Luck!

  2. eggheadswife2005 said :

    A good set of stainless steel pots and pans or a quality knive set. Maybe even a funky apron or a gourmet food item you can share.

  3. AQHA34 said :

    How about a cooking class? Our local college offers 6-9 week classes and are not expensive:) Good luck!

  4. chefgrille said :

    If there’s a cooking game, I’d love to know about it!!

    My husband does really well for me for kitchen stuff. Have you heard her say she doesn’t have a certain size pot or pan, or she’d love Le Creuset someday, or does she have a mixer but doesn’t have all the attachments? Do you hear her talking about her favorite Food TV chef?

    I mentioned one time that I hadn’t had crab legs in ages, and he bought a case of crab legs, had them shipped overnight, with the crab claw crackers and picks.

    He knows I don’t like Rachael Ray, so he bought me her cookbooks and a t-shirt! (Yes, this was really hilarious that day)
    My bread machine was dying, so he got me a great one!

    It can be the smallest things. I got a ceramic bowl in my favorite color to keep kosher salt in on the stove. He got me an electric pepper grinder with a light. I broke my kitchen timer so he got me two from Polder, and one has a strap for the neck so you can walk around the house and do other stuff while things cook.

    If she loves cooking as much as I do, anything kitchen related is good. You could toss a cookbook in my general direction and I’ll be in the kitchen for a couple days learning the new stuff.

    Or you could buy nice table linens and napkins, a set of candle holders, specialty glasses and while she cooks you set the table for a romantic meal.

    Us foodies love our gizmos and gadgets. Makes us easy to shop for.

  5. imadriana said :

    First, what types of food does she enjoy cooking most? Breads, desserts, main dishes, candies, cakes? Then go to a kitchen store and buy her the coolest gadget to make her life easier when she makes this stuff. You know the kind, it’s what she’d never buy herself in a gadgillion years. Ask the clerk for help.

    Secondly, to make her smile, make her a Cook’s Survival Kit. Put in a special, mild, liquid handsoap to put in the kitchen. Because we wash our hands so often, having lotion there is good, too! Stick a bottle of wine in there. A little wine for the sauce, a little wine for the cook always makes me happy! If she doesn’t drink alcohol, slip in a mix of her favorite, relaxing beverage so she doesn’t stress doing all that cooking.

    Got a favorite photo? Upload it to and they’ll put it on an apron for her. Runs under $20.00. Check out and click on “Photos” for more ideas. Snapfish or Kodak also make trivets. Toss in a “coupon” for a massage from you for a day when she’s done a lot of cooking. Maybe bandaids and burn ointment. Just add a bunch of small things to this survival kit that are fun and thoughtful.

    Speaking of thoughtful, has she expressed a wish that something were different about her kitchen? If she’d like it painted or something, consider making a coupon for her.

    Another thoughtful gift for the kitchen might be one of those under-the-counter stereos.

    Oh, another good place to find intensely cool gadgets for a good price is Tuesday Morning. There’s probably one near you. If you haven’t been there, you’re missing out.
    Here’s the link:

    Good luck!

  6. Shorty T said :

    does she have a blender..?

  7. BabyDolll128 said :

    why don’t you just splurge and buy her a kitchen aid every woman wants a kitchen aid. I got one and I love it

  8. xovenusxo said :

    Get cooking videos of her favorite cooking shows. Put them in a huge basket with a bottle of wine and glasses and a cooking apron

  9. Kim said :

    OK, it’s not really a novelty item, but the one kitchen thing I want most this year is a Thermapen Super-Fast Instant Read Thermometer. They’re crazy expensive, so I’d never spend the money on myself, but I’d use it constantly.

    As for games, check out Funagain Games’ web site: they have 5 pages of games in the Food & Beverage category.

    Good luck, and happy holidays!


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