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What is easier to learn: guitar or piano?

I am currently taking piano lessons. I started in August and I really love it! I’m thinking about doing guitar too, but I don’t want it to slow me down with the piano. Is it easier to learn?

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4 Responses to “What is easier to learn: guitar or piano?”

  1. sadgirl said:

    Well depends on learning and playing. Learning piano at the beginning is very easy, but when you get to the really hard songs, it is harder than playing “hard” guitar songs. But the beginnings on a guitar are harder than on a piano. Decide for yourself.

  2. james said:

    I think the piano is easier to learn, the guitar requires a lot of finger movements.

  3. yahaira said:

    not really if you now the notes but then you’ll just have to put them in the guitar but its kind of the same i play the violin and i am learning how to play the guitar but is kind simple if you are really interested in playing both:)

  4. happysmilees said:

    i’m currently learning guitar right now. it’s not that hard except some chords are hard to change quickly with the rhyme. But it’s definitely fun!!
    once you get a hang of it, it gets easier


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