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What should I learn to play- guitar or piano?

I already play clarinet but I am not really into it anymore…

I would like to play piano, acoustic guitar, or electric guitar but I have no idea which one….any suggestions?

also, is it easy to transition from acoustic guitar to electric guitar?

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13 Responses to “What should I learn to play- guitar or piano?”

  1. sill said :

    piano or flute i play it

  2. cky said :

    guitar and yes its easy to transition

  3. horseloverandskater said :

    I would suggest that you play the guitar. I do and it is a blast!!! Also, I find it easier to practice chords on the acoustic guitar, but when you got it down playing the electric guitar it should be easy. It is basically the same thing, but hooked up to an amp to make it WAY LOUDER lol. Hope I helped!!!

  4. bunnyrage said :

    I play guitar and love it, and I think most people would too. If you already know how to read music from your clarinet, you already ahve an advantage (very few guitar players know how to read music, myself included =])

    It is very easy to transition from acoustic to electric guitar, as electrics are easier to play than acoustics. Do not be lured but the ease of play that acoustics offer, however, because playing an acoustic can help you gain strength and sure-fingeredness.

    Learning either piano or guitar will give you hours of enjoyment. However, I recommend guitar (also, a guitar is a LOT cheaper than a piano!)

  5. fleece93 said :

    i say do a basic lessons on piano and then go to the acustic or electric guitar.

  6. newnickspades said :

    Yeah, it’s an easier transition going from Acoustic to electric in my opinion.

    I started out when I was young with piano lessons, then saxophone in junior high and 2 years of highschool. Learned guitar on my own, starting with acoustic. It does help to have music background, but it will be difficult at first learning guitar and getting your fingers to get use to the positioning and having your fingers callus over.

    The transition from clarinet to piano might be the easiest for you at first.

  7. earthmover501 said :

    Piano is SO universal. So much more useful than guitar. When I think of my musician friends who consistently are in demand as performers and actually make decent money playing, they are all piano players! Everyone plays guitar but it is hard as hell to find a great keyboardist/piano player.

    Look at it this way, It would be way easier to learn how to play the guitar after learning the piano than vice versa.

  8. Spitfire said :

    Play Guitar. Yes, you will be able to transition back and forth. And, its loads of fun!

  9. Lesher said :

    i would say unless you already own a keyboard or piano you should take up guitar. i mostly say this because i am a guitarist myself and get much satisfaction from playing. i do not know how easy or hard learning the piano is at all, so i cant give you an honest answer from that.

    i would also reccomend guitar because a guitar can be easily transported, taken to other places, unlike a piano. also, many rock, metal, and even pop genres use guitar, but except in classical and some rock, i barely hear piano.

    piano would be good to learn because unlike the guitar, you are forced to learn how to read music. with guitar, all you have is tablature. its harder to read music on guitar because many notes are on several places on a guitar, but there is only one of each note on the piano, clearing up much confusion.

    i also find it easier to write music on the piano. although i dont “play” piano, i do have a clavinova keyboard and experiment with it frequently, and it helps a lot.

    long story short, each instrument has its pros and cons. i would suggest guitar, simply because i play it, and know what its like. my basis on this is you can be as good as you want to be, as long as you practice (that goes for piano too).

    also, i dont think there was any trouble when i switched from acoustic to electric. the only difference that may have bothered me was that my acoustic guitar was a piece of crap, but my electric, although a starter guitar, was a lot easier to play. unless you start with a classical guitar and go to electric, you shouldnt have any trouble there.

  10. TaDa said :

    Take lessons on piano and guitar. After a period of time you will be able to decide which one you want to pursue more seriously.

  11. Your Guide said :

    Acoustic Guitar – if you are not sure what to play

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