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Is It Easier to learn to play guitar on an acoustic or electric?

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13 Responses to “Is It Easier to learn to play guitar on an acoustic or electric?”

  1. missdramaqueen011 said :

    acoustic… the neck is wider and easier it is easier to finger the notes.

  2. Da Man said :

    Electric. It’s easier to hold and is not as bulky.

  3. You Can't See me said :

    Electric, not as bulky and the strings are easier to hold down.

  4. fuzzy_sohc said :

    Electric cause the strings don’t eat into youre fingers.

  5. defygravity325 said :

    Electric is easier but I would recommend learning on an acoustic because then you can play an electric too.

  6. horse luver xo said :

    ok, the thing is, people will say which ever one they prefer. i say acoustic cuz its basic

  7. MR.BANG said :

    both about the same, the fingering is the same, they are tuned the same. I like acoustic/electrics myself but that is more of an opinion than any kind of reasoning.

    Honestly, I would recommend an acoustic or an acoustic/electric guitar because you can play it anywhere and not need to plug in.

  8. Bryson said :

    It depends on what you are comfortable with. I have an electric and a acoustic guitar but i personally like my electric better because i can plug it to an amp(even though u can plug an acoustic, an electric guitar looks and feels like ure a rockstar:]) and ROCK OUT!@!!!!!!!XD XD :]

  9. hxchink said :

    i’m not too sure about easier because i think that’s more based on preference.
    which one is better, i would say an acoustic. it keeps you away from amps and effects pedals which don’t really help you learn, they just hide the mistakes.
    acoustic guitars also keep you a bit more focussed on chords and away from power chords (they just don’t sound as cool acoustic). but that’s a good thing. power chords don’t really require much skill. it’s a same shape chord that just slides around. learning to play chords properly is a great way to get your fingers moving (without having them fly all over the place like you’re playing a solo).

    so my vote is for acoustic

  10. Denise said :

    Hi Chris

    First, learn on what you are comfortable with. It doesn’t matter whether it is acoustic or electric. Nowadays, guitar players tend to put .009 extra light gague string on acoustics to simulate the electric guitar.

    The issue is that, on electric guitar, the slurs, hammer-ons, pull-offs, etc…. are much easier because you are amplified. But , all these techniques can be played on an acoustic as well.
    The advantage on acoustic, it strengthens the finger and the endurance.

    Good Luck

  11. Lester G said :

    Is everyone on Yahoo only concerned with what’s easier? You can learn on either one just as easily, so decide on the music you want to play and then decide which guitar would be best for it.

  12. Kiwi said :

    Acoustic strings are harder to push down, so if you learn on an acoustic then when you move on to the electric, it’ll be easier

  13. Thom said :

    Honestly, I think it’s ALOT harder to learn to play on a Classical guitar. The neck on a classical is thick, thicker than any dreadnoughts I’ve seen. Anyone who’s learned on one can share my opinion. Everything else, is easy, specially electrics.


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