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Does playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band make it easier to learn how to play an actual guitar?

I can play Guitar Hero on hard, but I am a master on medium.
Would this make it easier for me to pick up an actual guitar and learn it?

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5 Responses to “Does playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band make it easier to learn how to play an actual guitar?”

  1. Timmy335 said :

    expert might help with making sure your fingers don’t get tired, but other than that, not really.

  2. Shoelace Kid said :

    maybe with rhythm, but probably not, and speed if your on expert. It might coordinate your fingers more, too.

    But if you play rock band drums, well that might teach you a little something. Like, being able to do 3 separate things at once (using your 2 hands, and foot.) Also some basic beats, maybe.

  3. aclay1297 said :

    Not one bit. Sewing would help more because it would at least build up calluses. Both are very fun games but have nothing to do with actually playing a guitar.

  4. Brian D said :


  5. Jack G said :

    Actually, I find that Guitar Hero often slows down the progress my guitar students have with their lessons. With Guitar Hero, they get a lot of instant gratification; with the lessons, they must work harder and sometimes this leads to frustration since Guitar Hero requires less practice, tends to be more fun (at least initially), and doesn’t hurt their fingers nearly as much. That being said, Guitar Hero might help with a sense of rhythm, but it probably wouldn’t help with reading actual notation, and it definitely is not working the same motor pathways that you use when playing guitar. If you want to play guitar, realize it’s hard work from the start, commit to it, and then let the work be enjoyable. All the best with the playing. Keep on rockin’.


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