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what is the best method to train my dog?

how to train dog to stop biting and br obedient?

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5 Responses to “what is the best method to train my dog?”

  1. nicole said :

    when he bites, yell loudly you could try puttting a toy infront of his mouth.
    this should show him to chew the toy.
    using food is a good way, when ur dog does want you want giv hima treat

  2. Agnes said :

    take a look here
    good luck, anyway u have to start immediately, if possible when the dog is less then 6 mounths old.

  3. Greek God AKA Greekman said :
  4. tousa said :

    to hit his butt gently and tell him bad dog or get him a chew toy

  5. Chris said :

    The best way to train your dog is to be consistent.You must be the one in charge, the “leader” who shows the dog what you want and what is acceptable and what is not.

    You don’t train a dog by yelling at it,or punishing it.

    You train it by teaching it.You praise and reward good behaviour with your attention and bad behaviour you turn away, remove yourself or the dog from your presence. A shut door speaks volumes to a dog.

    If you are playing with your dog and it bites say a firm no and stop the game, turn away. Show the dog that biting means the end of the game, and your attention.

    To begin with small food rewards for behaviour you want can be effective but lots of praise and pats is often all a dog wants.

    Best thing is to educate yourself so you understand your dog and how to train it.

    Here’s a well known method that has lots of good reviews that may help you


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