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How do I train my dog to bark when she needs to use the restroom?

We have trained our dog to go outside to use the restroom. But she doesn’t bark at the door when she needs to go, she just sits at the door. How can we train her to bark at the door when she needs to go?

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4 Responses to “How do I train my dog to bark when she needs to use the restroom?”

  1. Bella <3 Golden Gal said :

    Whenever you hear her bark, run her outside.

    So, take her outside every time she barks. Soon, she will understand!

    Hope this helps, good luck!

  2. Kenny said :

    isn’t it obvious enough though if she is sitting there, the last thing you wanna do is teach a dog a trick with barking because it will become a bad habit.

  3. Bree Bree said :

    another easier way is to take her out, when she uses the bah roomm give her treats if she uses it inside scold her then take her out!

  4. mr_gad said :

    If you use click-training or clicker-training for positive reinforcement, you can easily teach a Speak command. By training this behavior and attaching it to a command, it tends to inhibit a dog from just barking in general. Once this behavior is established, it can be linked to the specific situation of barking in front of the door.

    A qualified trainer in your area can help you begin this process and teach you how to maintain the training with a variable reward system.


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