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What is the best way to learn guitar scales?

I am starting to learn scales on guitar an i haven’t found any good sites to find all of the scales. I found a site called
and it cost $67 for a three year membership. Is that wortht? are there any other, better ways(other than a guitar teacher) that i can earn ALL of the scales from? I am open to suggestion.

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to learn guitar scales?”

  1. Tyler said:

    hell naw its hot worth it let me find this free scale website i use to use

    its easy once you figure the site out a lil bit

  2. Lori B said:

    Here’s a link to an article that gives tips on how to learn whatever you want on the guitar without paying a fortune:
    Good luck,
    Lori B

  3. Johnjohn said:

    Keep building the gutiar chords chart and at some point you have to make it downloadable and printable. Having a nice big chart of gutiar chords would to have.

  4. Mohammad said:

    i know what you’re saying i can play, i just cant teach, and i dont know much about micsual theory but i play from the heart, you know.anyhow, last week a nice girl that lives a few houses away stoped by and asked me if i could teachefbbbf her guitar, people arround the neighborhood often hear me play at night so that how she found out.anyway after 2 days of teaching her, i told her i couldnt do it.i felt devastated for the entire week.


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