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Can I learn to play guitar without lessons?

I have only been having lessons for a year, and I have learnt to read notes and play basic chords, and do the 3 scales. But I am thinking of quitting guitar lessons and learning the rest by myself. Would that be wise? And also, would I be able to learn guitar tab and chord progressions on my own? Where do I go from here?

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3 Responses to “Can I learn to play guitar without lessons?”

  1. turtle said :

    yes you could teach yourself. You should get a lesson book with a play along CD and stick with it!

  2. Macbeth said :

    Its possible, but then you need to do EVERYTHING by yourself

  3. Charles B said :

    My brother did this over summer- I’m sure it’s easy enough.

    Of course, starting off with a couple of lessons would be better, but it can definitely be done. To get an idea of how to play, type in “*your favourite song* tab” on Google. That will give you a list of easy to follow notations of the song you requested. You’ll be given a picture of the 6 strings (most likely made up of hyphens) and corresponding numbers. These numbers represent how many frets (little bars on the guitar) the note you have to play on the string is away from the head/ tuning keys. So:


    In the case above, the only strings being used are th top two, highest strings. So, you’ll play the top strings first fret, the second strings 2nd fret, followed by the top strings 2nd fret, followed by the seconds 1st fret finishing with the top strings second fret again.

    It’s really quite simple once you get the hang of it- a great alternative to learning the notations (A, B, C, D, A sharp, etc.)

    Hope that helped in some way!


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