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What is the best way to learn to play guitar.?

I have tried before but could never really pick it up. Mostly because I lost interest. But I am looking to pick it up again. So just looking for the easiest way to learn to play a basic 6 string guitar.

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2 Responses to “What is the best way to learn to play guitar.?”

  1. DANIEL A said :
  2. chewy.licious said :

    Know your guitar

    Try to learn everything you can about your guitar. Find out what every thing is called and be able to find it quickly. One of the best ways to learn to play guitar is to know your guitar. Guitars are not all the same and each one sounds different, you will find this out as your experience grows and hopefully your enjoyment and appreciation of them does too.

    Know your skill level

    Be careful you don’t start too high you do not want to frustrate your self on the first day. Pick something easy to begin with, a lot of music books start you off with some simple strumming patterns and old songs. The best way to learn to play guitar is to start small and work your way up until you feel confident to progress to something harder and more entertaining.

    Stick with what you know

    By now I would hope you have the basics sorted out and are ready to move on to something harder. Try to find and artist you like and are familiar with and try and replicate parts of there songs. Sheet music for most bands are wildly available and I think is the most rewarding and the best way to learn to play guitar, because you are making a song you know and like.

    Gain confidence

    When you feel like your ready to progress try to focus all you time on one song and when you have it burnt it your memory organize a small group of friend or family to listen to you play. The best way to learn to play guitar is to have confidence in your self because the guitar is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. It is not much fun sitting in a dark room playing to your self.

    I hope you learned something from this list and continue to play for a very long time, because the best way to learn to play guitar is to have fun and share it with other people.

    I hope I gave you enough information. I hope you learn how to play. Good Luck!


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