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Best way to learn to play the guitar and piano?

I want to learn how to play both instruments and im wondering what the best way to tackle them would be. Like both at once or one at a time. Also what is the best way to learn to play guitar? Like what chords and strumming patterns should i learn first. Thanks

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6 Responses to “Best way to learn to play the guitar and piano?”

  1. pudintain said :

    for guitar i would say learn these chords first:
    here are some pretty easy songs to play too:
    peter gun
    smoke on the water
    thunder struck

    as for piano
    they make lots of good instruction books
    but i dont know alot about that

  2. Tom W said :

    For the guitar if you can play c g and d then you can play a whole lot of songs. I learnt by tab but now wish I knew more music theory. But I guess you will get that from learning piano.
    My advice is to take piano lessons and teach yourself guitar.

  3. Dreadpy said :
  4. Sami said :

    I don’t know how to play the guitar but I do know how to play the piano. So start with the basics. You need to learn where the notes go on keys. The best way that I can help you is to direct you here:
    This guy is kind of weird but I’m pretty sure it will help you. Take it slow and make sure you have a keyboard or piano in front of you so you can get a feel for it. If you don’t have either, you can draw it on a piece of paper, which will allow you to determine where the keys and notes are. I really hope this video helps, if not… look up how to play piano on Good Luck!

  5. Christopher said :

    As for the guitar I learned the chords C, G, D really well then I learned E, A really well. I did take 6 lessons for guitar just to learn the little things that you might not get on your own and it paid off! I’ve been playing the guitar for 38 years now. I play in a band and we play at weddings, parties, clubs etc. It’s been great!
    I also purchased a book of chords and slowly learned more chords as I go. Now you name a chord and I can play it. Of course naturally after all these years I can play thousands of songs by heart.

    As for the piano I got lesson books and taught myself to play, and I’ve been playing the piano for 20 years now.

  6. Johnny Bobcat W said :

    this is just a suggestion, u could do like eric johnson and shawn lane did, and practice piano more than u practice guitar, but apply some knowledge from piano into your guitar playing, such as chord voicings and other fancy whatnot. if u do this u will have a unique guitar style.
    also, to learn some chords and strumming patterns, learn some songs that are mainly made up of chords or arpeggios, such as the house of the rising sun, or crash into me


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