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What is the difference between green tea as to say black tea or others?

I’ve read that green tea is good for losing weight, true or not? I like sweet iced tea does it compare at all with green tea. My husband bought me a small bottle, its the light kind I guess like diet, haven’t tried it yet but would prefer regular green tea I think. Is it sweetened like you make regular ice tea?? Thanks for any help!

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5 Responses to “What is the difference between green tea as to say black tea or others?”

  1. roara said :

    Nah green tea won’t make you lose weight — just learn to eat right, start eating healthy and get out of the house (duh).

    White tea has more antioxidants than any other tea, and black tea has more caffeine that green tea.

    By the way, you shouldn’t drink diet drinks that have aspartame in them, that stuff is bad !

  2. J said :

    Black tea has a stronger taste than green tea. It is less bitter. I really like it but some people who have been drinking strong tea all their lives find it a weak taste. Light would mean it has artificial sweetener added to it instead of sugar. If you drink your regular tea with sugar than you will probably like green tea with sugar. I like it unsweetened or with honey. I love Trader Joes Green and White Iced Tea with a touch of mint.

  3. Californian said :

    Well green tea does not make you lose weight directly but it increases your metabolism that helps to lose weight if you take exercise, walk or control calories.

    Regarding ice tea, it depends on what kind of tea, but let me tell you tea is a healthy drinks but not tea drinks.

    You can try green tea.If you like light tea, you may like green tea too.
    Good luck

  4. Jason Gunn said :

    green tea is made up of herbs so when you are drinking it you are basically drinking herbs and water – that can´t be bad for you!

  5. confused said :

    the difference is the way the tea was dried. some are pan fried, some are allowed to withered, some are oxidize and then fried,etc.


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