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What is a difference between Green tea and Herb tea?

I’m having a Liver Hepatitis C virus. My friend said Green Herb tea is good for Hepatitis C virus. Once i went to shopping center to buy Herb tea. But there is many kind of teas leveled with Herb. There is also Green tea (Jasmine tea).
Before i was choosing teas by its tastes, but now i need your suggestion 🙁 What kind of teas are need for me? PLZ help!

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3 Responses to “What is a difference between Green tea and Herb tea?”

  1. Blossom said :

    green tea contains the same amount of caffeine as regular tea and herbal teas are caffeine free. if you buy herbal teas dont get them from the supermarket as they contain none of the goodness. get the tea from a health shop or herbal tea specialist.

  2. Judy B said :

    Green tea is made of leaves from the tea plant: Camellia sinensis and will contain caffeine like other teas. Green Jasmine tea is green tea with jasmine flowers added.

    Herbal tea will be made of leaves, flowers, fruits, roots or bark of any one of hundreds of different plants or may be a mixture of several plants.

    Hep C can be medically treated by doctors. Herbal teas are not going to eliminate the virus and many herbs are toxic to the liver so you should be very careful in choosing them.

    If I were you, I would continue to choose tea based on taste, not by any thought that it will treat Hep C.

    See the link below for information about Hep C and a list of herbs that are toxic to the liver and should be avoided.

  3. drumzgirly25 said :

    For good tea of any kind try On this website you get to create your own tea! So you can choose green tea as your base and then add whatever beneficial herbs to it you like!


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