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where can i learn guitar for free?

i know absolutely nothing about playing a guitar but i want to learn and i cant find a good site because everywhere i look i have to order some crap cd. whats the best website i can learn from?

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3 Responses to “where can i learn guitar for free?”

  1. Cal said:

    if you want to play well, nowhere.

    if you want to learn to be an alrightish guitarist, then youtube/google “beginner guitar lessons”. also,

    you can borrow books from a local library.

  2. hexv said:

    This site has some free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing.

    There’s lessons on the basic guitar chords, scales, techniques and some easy songs to play. Might be a good place to start

  3. tmg said:

    youtube. Look up how to play the song you want. As you learn more songs your knowlege of guitar increases just by watching the vids. eventualy youll make your own songs (like maybe in two r three months)


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