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Which is more difficult: to give up smoking or to lose weight & keep it off permanently?

Which do you think is the hardest? X Sarah

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31 Responses to “Which is more difficult: to give up smoking or to lose weight & keep it off permanently?”

  1. Sammy said :

    me? smoking.

  2. I salut the sIuts said :

    To shake off Sarah’s image from our minds.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman® said :

    Lose weight, because anyone can quit smoking cold turkey, on the other hand losing weight requires time and effort

  4. Kelly said :

    I think theyre both equally hard, altho its probably hard doing both if your overweight and smoke.

  5. alan [be still my heart] said :

    losing weight… chocolate is an EVIL temptress

  6. Rowole said :

    if u smoke u arent going to gain as much wieght because smoking takes your appetite away baby

  7. lalalala:) said :

    for me its smoking.
    cos i can gain pound and lose the pounds
    and be back to my original weight.

  8. *__Insert Dirty Joke Here__* said :

    For me it would be smoking because I have a high metabolism and I don’t put on weight easily. For some people they can smoke 1 or 2 times a year and not get addicted.

  9. Farty McFart said :

    give up farting

  10. Juliet Crys You Your River™ said :

    Weight..see, i don’ want to throw my life away at age 40, so i never started smoking.

  11. Erika said :

    Smoking because of the high nicotine level. Nicotine is very addictive. Weight loss is just something you have to set a goal for. Hope I Helped!!!

  12. J o l i n said :

    Smoking. Because it’s an addiction.

    Being overweight isn’t.

  13. Anna said :


  14. Jane's New Avatar said :

    Smoking. It’s very easy to lose weight with portion control. I haven’t found anything to help me quit smoking,unless they open methadone clinics for smokers.

  15. Johannes Namaste said :

    to give up smoking AND to lose weight & keep it off permanently is difficult

  16. John said :

    My message is do not smoke.
    Look up COPD it is lung disease associated with smoking. Angina a member of my close family has both these.
    I witnessed someone having heart attack aged 53 and in a coma for 17 days and then passing away.
    I have witnessed all of these and it really annoys me when people smoke especially young, it a waste of someones health and life.

  17. Brayzen said :

    quiting smoking was as easy as finding out I was pregnant but losing weight is the hardest thing I’ve ever done I love food so much

  18. IDK said :

    Wow, for me giving up smoking was easy compared to losing weight.

  19. iHeartLakers- said :

    Hmm,,,, I have failed at both.
    However I kept weight off longer than I lasted without a cigarette, so probabably quitting smoking is harder- for me anyway

  20. The Brat Princess said :

    For me its both

  21. gsmom said :

    lose weight & keep it off permanently I have lost 130 lbs and gained it back and more but i haven’t had a cigarette since march 2009. Food is all around you in the house store highways everywhere but cigs you actually do not have to have to exists

  22. Cass K said :

    my dad smoked from 12 years old to 33 and stopped without a care in the world. unfortunately he went onto eating instead and has a really hard time trying to keep his weight down even though we all encourage him really like a lot. he does try and eats healthily but he just cant keep the weight down. Yay for my dad!!

  23. meow said :

    I would say losing weight. That is from someone who has been a smoker and overweight. Don’t get me wrong smoking is unbearably difficult, but eating is a necessity and encouraged, while smoking is not.

  24. mamba said :

    I think the hardest will be losing weight and keeping it off permanently, because you have to watch yourself very carefully on what you eat and how much. As for quitting on smoking not as difficult but a little easier.

  25. doradoe said :

    i gave up smoking, it was hard but after 6 months that was it, all over and i wouldn’t ever touch cigarettes again, i lost 3 stone last year but its a constant battle every single day to keep it off…

  26. kaunis8elo said :

    Actually if you stop eating, and your stomach is completely empty, you’ll find it difficult to even finish a cigarette. So there you go.

  27. Brian said :


    you know whats really hard to give up…. breathing… think about it!

  28. pwrsurge said :

    Having done both I’d say that keeping lost pounds off is harder because that’s an ongoing challenge. Quitting smoking took about a month before I got over the urge for a cigarette.

  29. Renee D said :

    Smoking is much harder, because you not only are physiologically addicted (which you also can be to food), but you are also physically addicted to and can go through with drawls that are very painful. Both are the leading causes of death in our country, but I think smoking is much more serious, because it kills you slowly, and takes a toll on you in every way. While food can also be enjoyable and, with proper help- you can accomplish easily.

  30. ? said :

    No to people are the same. For me it’s weight lose. I have done both. I gave up smoking because I became pregnant ( A great reason ) I done this with ease which is really something for a girl that smoked 20 a day for the last 15 years. My son is now 6 weeks and I trying to get back i my pre preggers jeans. Wow now this is work. I was a size uk 8 b4 pregnancy so I hate being a 12 now.x

  31. James T said :

    Weight has never been a problem for me but quitting smoking is a b*tch.


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