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Why do I feel more energetic after giving up smoking?

Is it because of a rise in oxygen concentration of my blood or what?

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9 Responses to “Why do I feel more energetic after giving up smoking?”

  1. Amy B said:

    exactly! congrats!

  2. karley o said:

    You are not inhaling all of those toxins anymore.

  3. DR's Sexiest Papi Chulo said:

    yes. definitely the oxygen.

  4. sandy said:

    more room in your lungs for air

  5. Shah said:

    I used to be much energetic before I became a smoker. Hope to give it up, one of these days.

  6. bushfire0004 said:

    1. tobacco is grown in a radioactive substance, so you are skipping the whole CANCER thing right now… and
    2. injecting one cig into your bloodstream leaves you a DEAD MAN… hence less of this poison, more of this life, more will to live it

  7. aspirit said:

    yes. Your body isn’t working hard to get rid of the smoke that was plugging up your lungs. Smoking makes problems for the sinuses, throat, lungs. You gave up all those problems and not your body can go back to having energy for thinking, breathing, eating etc. Smoking or breathing air with smoke in it, creates chaos in the normal body. When you get rid of the source of chaos, your feel better.

  8. slave2luv_xxx said:

    I’d love to quit:(…..i’m glad your feeling great!

  9. Neci said:

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