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Am I wrong? I no longer want to date a woman because she won’t give up smoking.?

I’m a non-smoker and I try to give leeway to smokers as I understand that it’s an addiction. But she won’t even try to quit. I no longer want to go out with her because I just can’t go out with someone who has no regard for her life. Am I wrong feeling this way?

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9 Responses to “Am I wrong? I no longer want to date a woman because she won’t give up smoking.?”

  1. nml said :

    No you are not. You need someone who is a non smoker and cares for themselves. What if you want kids? Do you want a smoker harming your children’s health?

  2. super mario sis said :

    NO WAY. you tottaly did the right thing!

  3. Heaven said :

    Why did you start dating her in the first place if you don’t like smokers? Wrong to have feeling No everyone has feelings. Maybe talk to her about it see if she wants to really quit or not.

  4. Brendi said :

    I think you are completely right. I am a non-smoker too, & I simply wouldn’t even consider dating a smoker. Your standards are high, & valuable, & if she can’t respect that, then the relationship wouldn’t have gone very far anyway. =)

  5. Marcy said :

    well, my boyfriend smokes. And I understand the disgust you have for it. But I think you should be a little more understanding, or just sit down and talk with her about how you care about her and her safety. If she likes you, she’ll attempt to respect your wishes. I did this with my boyfriend recently, and he hasn’t smoked in 2 weeks…but he is pretty irritable, out for that.

  6. beernotcider said :

    As an ex smoker, all I can say is, “I’m with you all the way.” If she doesn’t want to give up the habit, then that’s her problem and not yours.

  7. ☮, ♥, & ♫ said :

    no,i don’t blame you. you two have different points of views on the issue, and if you prefer a non-smoker, go out there and find one! the woman described likes to smoke and it’s unfair to ask her to stop if she dosn’t want to. just try to find someone who shares your view on smoking (among other things). & good luck w/ ur situation. 🙂

  8. Kristy said :

    Did you know when you two started dating that she smokes? If you did then why did you start dating her? In all honesty though if you don’t like it then no you are not wrong for feeling that way. But also remember stopping smoking is really hard to do and she might not be ready for that yet. Basically it is her decision if she wants to smoke or not and no one can force her to quit if she doesn’t want too.

  9. Christal said :

    no, not at all. i would have done the same thing. not only is she damaging her body but she would be damaging urs as well through second hand smoke. tough decision but you did the right thing.


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