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If you resolve to give up smoking and drinking, do you actually live longer or does it just seem longer?…?

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20 Responses to “If you resolve to give up smoking and drinking, do you actually live longer or does it just seem longer?…?”

  1. killer boot said:

    it just seems longer.

  2. WV girl said:

    You may or may not live longer, but probably you will. At least, for the time you are living, you will have a better quality of life.

  3. jasminetablen said:

    It may seem longer because you don’t have your vises, but you do actually live longer!!

  4. Zippy said:

    neeeddddd beeeeerrr

  5. Mr. Subaru said:

    I’ve heard it said that every cigarette you smoke takes something like 6 minutes off your life, so you can live a little longer.

  6. WARNING I BITE said:

    I gave up both,i’m here 24/7 what does that say

  7. falzalnz said:

    Personally, i think death is pre-destined.
    We’re going to die at a set time.
    It’s just a matter of how.

    All i know is that i’d rather die for something greater than just the side effects of smoking or drinking.

    So i guess it just seems longer…but that’s only if your life is not full of love, laughter, and precious moments.

  8. IT'S JUST ME ! said:

    It just seems longer !

  9. boricua4756 said:

    um… if you take care of your body drinking water exercising eating good food yes i mean you already damage most of it save what you can. It depends if you have any disease from the alcohol and smoking. but it could seem longer smoking took time also away it was something to waste time away

  10. Kate said:

    i think it would be too late, it doesn’t matter if u stop or not, coz damage is already done

  11. Benjamin P said:

    Most people will actually live longer and feel better. A very few people, such as George Burns and my old boss, seem to be impervious to the effects of one or the other. I could tell I wasn’t among the lucky, so I gave it up.

  12. Tony M said:

    I think it just seems longer.

  13. kwlgyal said:

    live longer
    you can get lung cancer and heart disease by drinkin excessivly and smoking!

    ♥ Happy New Year! ♥

  14. dee j said:

    is this my DOCTOR, harping at me again, is there no peace, get going and put some more stents in or whatever, mine are doing fine this week

  15. dr.dunn said:

    i think it just seems that way because my grandmother stopped smoking and died of lung cancer a year later.

  16. madhu k said:

    u see it depends on the duration for wich u ve smoked. tat is if u have smoked for few years u will live longer.
    the longer u ve smoked the lesser is ur life span.

  17. Peter Piper of the 1980s said:

    All those health nuts are going to feel silly, lying in their hospital beds, dying of nothing.

    Redd Foxx

  18. the silent type.. said:

    Well, everything seems bigger when you’ve been drinking all day – but it’d be harder to get it hardest then eh. It might seem longer to you if you’re a bit cross eyed (and too close up preferably?) but if you’re also starving to have a cigarette.. Well, how about a Dutch cigar?

  19. marina280989p said:
  20. al09061b said:


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