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I know I should give u smoking, but I plain don’t want to, what should I do?

I know that I should give up smoking for health reasons E.T.C but deep down in my heart I don’t want to because I enjoy it so much!! How can I make myself WANT to give up??

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7 Responses to “I know I should give u smoking, but I plain don’t want to, what should I do?”

  1. ELuhnAbroad said :

    Look at my picture. I smoke too.

  2. Paramedic Girl said :

    This is what ultimately worked for me. Save this to your favorites and look at it every day for a half hour. Within a week or two, it will kick you in the back end and make you want to quit.

    Its free (which is great) and has a lot of advice, support, etc.
    I logged in every single day and it helped me a lot.

    Good luck.. its not as bad or as hard as you think… promise.

  3. alex said :

    We’re in the same boat.

    I have quit before, and at that time, it was when I was ready. I didn’t realize it, but it stayed in my mind for days on end, until I investigate those thoughts.

    I think it has to do with you being in a place where you can sit with it and let it sink in. A matter of respecting tobacco, if you will. It seems a lot like a bad realtionship that has gone on too long, and finally seeing if you are meant for each other.

    Also, trust yourself to know when you are ready.

  4. cruisechloe said :

    Only inner motivation can make you quit smoking. Not even pictures of lungs damaged by emphysema or cancer will make you quit if you, yourself, don’t want to.

    Perhaps, if you think that smoking is bad for your health because in the long run you’ll have trouble breathing, could develop emphysema, mouth, lip, throat or lung cancer; will have a bad cough, low ability to exercise and yellow teeth that could do the deed. In addition, nowadays laws ban smoking in offices and restaurants, even in cars with children in them. Many women and men don’t date smokers because they find it nasty and disgusting. You’ll have less possibilities to date if you’re a smoker. Maybe then you’ll find it within you to quit smoking.

  5. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    The question is whether your present enjoyment is more inportant than your later health problems.

  6. rdanqs said :

    you already know it is bad for you in soo mnay ways (medically)…you cant get away from all the nasty commercials, but point being, i smoked as well, but after a while, you realize how bad the cravings get and that you dont want the ciggerates to control you, which it does cause you feel you need to go out and have a smoke. also, we all think we are invincible (you already said you know what it will do to you down the line…cancer, yellow teeth, emphysema, can lead to erectile disfunction, etc…), but as time went on, it effected my day to day life as well … my stamina whether walking or at the gym was not anywhere where it used to be and it was a horrible feeling. if non of that does anything for you, see how much it cost you a year…that is enough to make you quit … $$$$ It is money down the drain. Figure out how much you spend, it will make you sick in itself. All these things combined were more than enough to make me quit, hope it does the same for you. look for advice and for people to lean on to help you quit. Think of your long tem and short term health. It is ot worth it. Think of your future family, ad having kids…you want to see those kids grow up…you have the will power to get over it, that is why you posted this question, becasue you are ready to move on. But look to others for support and keep your goals in mind…Also check out the web-site that a girl left … … it definately sounds like it can help…You will see your life will be better without smokes … BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!

  7. It's opinion I . said :

    It is very hard to quit smoking…but it is possible. I quit so many times. For weeks,months,even years I could go without smoking a single cigarette. What always drew me back to it was being around friends or family that smoked. I knew I should give up smoking. I was a new dad. I thought it would be ok to smoke as long as I didn’t do it at home or anywhere near the baby. I smoked in the car on the way to work. I smoked at my buddies house. One day I just decided to take control of my life and take a look at my own values. I cut all ties with anyone that I knew who smoked. There was one friend and a few family members that I just didn’t talk to or see for over a year.Yes sort of extreme, but I wanted to quit and I knew that would take an enormouse amount of dedication. Today I am cigarette free for over two years. Find something that you enjoy more. Think of the money you stand to save. As a non-smoker I would like to tell you how much people who are close to you or around you every day will appreciate the smoke free you. Second hand smoke is fowl,discusting and it is bad for the health of those around you. Yes I was a smoker. At times I was a heavy smoker, two to three packs some days. Now the slightest sent of cigarette smoke has a an extreme and violent effect on me.

    Please do quit by any means possible. Do it soon. If you have to,do it with someone. After you have successfully quit smoking, help others quit.

    One more thing I would like to tell you. Cancer has effected two people in my family. Both of them, smokers. They are still alive today. I am glad that it didn’t take having cancer to make me think about stopping.


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