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Any exercises or tips on how to learn to play guitar and sing at the same time? I loose rhythm with guitar?

I am just learning to play guitar and I want to master singing at the same time as playing. I have a really hard time keeping two separate beats though. I will start to sing and then I loose it on guitar, my guitar strumming will match how I am singing. So yeah, if anyone can help me, please do 🙂

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6 Responses to “Any exercises or tips on how to learn to play guitar and sing at the same time? I loose rhythm with guitar?”

  1. Wheelhouse said :

    Learn the guitar part really well, and keep playing it over and over and over until you can play it without even thinking about it.

    Then once you do that, try singing and playing the guitar part at the same time.

    I that still doesn’t work, you can play while tapping your foot to the beat of the guitar.

  2. -Guitar Resource said :

    It’s all about repitition unfortunately!! 🙁 I’d say learn the guitar part back to front as well. Then try to sing when you don’t need to think about the guitar so much.

    Check out . It’s a new guitar community based website where people can share their musical knowledge by uploading there own music, video tutorials. They have all kinds of levels and languages on there too!

    Best of all ….it’s free!!

  3. Shannon said :

    I honestly had the same problem when I started!!!! I found you get better with time. I think if you play along while listening to the song it helps – just play along and concentrate on listening to the lyrics and how they fit with the strumming pattern of the song. Do this for a while and then try and play the song on guitar while keeping rhythym strumming and try and do the lyrics in your head while playing. Apart from that just practice. You can also try and slow down your rhythym or only strum acouple of times or once and then sing while letting your guitar ring out. Please visit my site
    Theres lots of easy songs to learn 1x added daily and a great way to learn is watching the videos. you can play along while watching and follow the rhythym and lyrics too!

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