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is it a good idea to learn guitar and bass at the same time?

ive played the drums for a few years now and decided to get a guitar, ive been playing that for a few weeks. i want to know how to play guitar and bass though, should i learn them the same time or w8 till im better at guitar then try out bass?

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4 Responses to “is it a good idea to learn guitar and bass at the same time?”

  1. Adam D said :


  2. Marco D said :

    I see nothing wrong with it. Playing bass will strengthen and stretch your fingers which is good for guitar too. And apart for the two missing strings, a bass guitar is identical to a guitar, in terms of notes, tuning etc. For example I wouldn’t suggest you learn guitar and, say, MANDOLIN together, as the tunings are different and it’ll mess all up for you. But guitar and bass… why not.
    Then of course, if you wanna get really good at one or the other, i suggest you stick to one instrument only.

  3. baxterville said :

    It would actually be better if you learned bass before guitar, since guitarists tend to treat bass like it’s a four-stringed guitar and overplay, forgetting that the bass is part of the rhythm section. Most guitarists make terrible bassists because they’re accustomed to playing melody. But people who switch from bass to guitar tend to be more aware of the role bass plays in rooting a band.

    Since you’ve already begun playing guitar, though, it would be a good idea to focus on that before bringing bass into your repertoire. If you concentrate on one instrument at a time, you’ll master it easier because your focus won’t be split between two things that are structurally similar, but are played very differently. Most people who divide their time between instruments before developing a mastery of any of them wind up becoming jacks of all trades, but masters of none. I’d rather you become a great guitarist, then a great bassist, than be mediocre at both instruments.

    By the way, do you have any idea how employable you’ll be when you can play all three instruments?! Where were you when I was looking for bandmates?

  4. dyennya said :


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