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Anyone know the rules for dog dance competitions or obedience trials?

Hi. I am thinking about training my dog for obedience or dance competitions. I was just wondering what the different rules are and what is expected. What gains more points and what causes penalties to be issued? Is there any competitions that you would recommend near Chicago?? Thanks so much!!
Any idea where some good instructors are too???

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4 Responses to “Anyone know the rules for dog dance competitions or obedience trials?”

  1. buzzword07 said :

    I would try

  2. Cleoppa said :

    For freestyle, these are the two major organizations. I’d suggest you check them out for rules and competition dates:
    World Canine Freestyle Organization:
    Canine Freestyle Federation:

    I don’t know much about freestyle. I would suggest that you go on YouTube and search for “dog freestyle” or “dog dance.” There are some great routines on there that might inspire you. Also, here are some great books and videos for teaching your dog:

    There are several clubs that have obedience competition, the best known being AKC. You can find AKC obedience trials here: Not all obedience trials are listed under obedience trials. Many conformation shows also have obedience trials. Here is more info about AKC obedience, including the rules:

    In terms of classes, I’d suggest you see if any local obedience clubs have classes. The instructors at such clubs usually understand the rules for competition so they’re a great resource.

    While I’m hardly an expert, I have competed in AKC obedience. If you have any questions in that regard, feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll try to help you out.

    Good luck!

  3. Great Dane Lover said :

    The two things are completely different similarities.

    For rules applying ot obedience or rally competition go to it will give a complete listing of what you will need to do.

    In Novice Obedience your dog will need to heel on and off leash, come when called, stand for exam,do a long sit and a long down. You will start with 200 points and deductions will be made for dog errors and handler errors. In order to get a qualifying score you would need to score 170 or better. If you get 3 qualifying scores under 3 different judges you will earn your CD (Companion Dog) title.

  4. koehlerdogtraining said :

    With regard to all things obedience, contact:

    www . cardunaldogtraining . com

    They can get you started, get you into performance winning shape, and get you into the game. They are the oldest and most successful Obedience Dog Training Club (ODTC) in your area. Attend one of their awards banquets … better yet, join them and become one of those being awarded.

    Tony Ancheta


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