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dog obedience?

i live in Manitoba, Canada and was wondering does anyone know where there is dog obedience schools? and is there any in the interlake of Manitoba?

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2 Responses to “dog obedience?”

  1. LiaChien said :

    Look here:

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Oh, and you may get more help if you ask in Yahoo Answers Canada. Just a thought.

  2. Shadow's Melon said :

    When I was looking for a trainer with classes and was looking to pursue agility, I contacted our local agility club. Because a good foundation in obedience is such a good thing with agility, they were able to refer me to a great obedience instructor.

    I would suggest that you contact your local obedience, agility, or training club, if there is one in your area and ask for trainer referrals there. The advantage to asking at a club like this is that these folks take their training very seriously and will refer you to people they have used themselves and know to be good. Also, now that I am a member of our local obedience club, I have found there are several members who offer some kind of training classes. It’s a good place to start looking for a good trainer.


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