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does anyone know how much it costs to do dog obedience classes at petco?

my dog chews up everything… shoes, my phone charger, anything in sight and does her business anywhere she pleases
do these classes even help with those sorts of things

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7 Responses to “does anyone know how much it costs to do dog obedience classes at petco?”

  1. amy c said :

    I think we paid about $150 for the puppy class. She learned to sit/lay down in the class, but that was it. ):

  2. velcropap said :

    $109 for eight weeks.
    yes the training helps you learn how to train.

  3. firstladyhorton said :

    I too am looking for some inexpensive classes. I will be calling parks and recreation tomorrow. Hope it’s not too expensive.

  4. Emmalyz said :

    About $100-ish. (Give or take $10)

  5. Proud Pit Owner said :

    I think around $100 to $150. I know PetSmart was $100.

  6. mychemicalromanceloveeeee said :

    $150 for about 8 weeks, thats what i remember. they worked well(:
    even tho my dog slept through them. ahaha

    well my price is petsmart, idk if there is a difference

  7. weque11 said :

    I would highly recommend that you look into higher quality training classes than Petco or Petsmart. The employees of those stores have very little and very basic training experience compared to what you can find for the same money. I took one of my dogs to a very experienced trainer who is also a dog behaviorist and for $150 I got 6 one and a half hour classes, all the personal attention I needed, and a lot of education as to how dogs think and how to effectively get them to respond to commands. Look online for trainers in your area, do a little research, make some phone calls, and do you and your dog a favor – find a quality trainer.


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