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What is the best way to learn play guitar?

Sorry If my english is not very well..

I have been trying to learn play guitar and so far I am not successful.. I’ve been trying for a long time now but I’m just not sure if what I am doing is even right… I know a few chords but I think my technique is pretty bad.

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6 Responses to “What is the best way to learn play guitar?”

  1. dorothy s said :

    There is alot of stuff on line and there are Cd’s

  2. pinklover said :

    practice some chords and experiment with the strumming pattern that will help you to play better everyone do the same thing so if you get used to it you’ll notice the difference between chord and difference between strumming


  3. rainman said :

    Get Professional guidance !

  4. fat cat said :

    start off wiv slow an simple stuff, maybe buy some gitar magazines , an practise, it takes time, im lerning 2 :3

  5. Jen said :

    your best bet is lessons.

    if you don’t have the cash for them, perhaps you have a friend who can teach you for free?

  6. Evan said :

    The truth of the matter is that there is no way to instantly learn how to play the guitar. While there are methods that can definitely help you along and to make the learning curve a little easier to take, remember that you can’t expect to pick it up in one day.

    When you are looking to play the guitar, remember that it takes more than just one day of practice. The famous guitar players out there didn’t learn their skills in just one day; there was a lot of time and effort and discipline that was put into it.

    In fact, most of the famous guitarists had been playing guitar for years before they made it big. Even when you get very good at playing guitar, there will always be something new to learn.

    Start by looking at your guitar and learning all the different parts of it and what they do. Start with the easy chords and until you get good, stay away from the sharp chords, the minor chords and the power chords.

    Practice one chord at a time. But be sure that before practicing the next chord, you have already mastered the previous chord. Each chord should be played properly with proper hand placement on the strings. If it doesn’t sound good then you are not doing it right.

    Playing a certain chord over and over again is the best thing that you can do. After that, you can start playing easy songs with your guitar. Find songs that have the chords that you have already learned and mastered.

    Once you master each chord you will build confidence within yourself. When you learn an easy song and master it, you will further build your confidence in your playing. By doing this, it will also further encourage you to want to keep learning and practicing. It’s very fulfilling to be able to play your first song after putting some time and effort into it.

    The key to learning how to the play the guitar lies with having realistic expectations and in building off of knowledge that you already know. There are a lot of tutorials out there that can really help you out.

    If you want to learn to play the guitar easily, then the first step is to find quality instruction. It doesn’t matter in what form. You can take guitar lessons from someone who knows how to play. You can buy DVD guitar instructions. You can even find guitar lessons on the internet.

    If you want to learn to play the guitar easily, then an online guitar course may be your best bet. You can learn at your own pace. You don’t have to leave your house to go anywhere. Compared to lessons, the cost is very minimal. They provide all the quality training you need to take you from a novice to skilled.

    I highly recommend taking a look at for 100% FREE guitar lessons on line… you can learn how to play the guitar and master your basic techniques a lot easier than you would if you were trying to teach yourself.


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