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How do you learn to play guitar and have fun?

I love to sing and write songs, but to be successful in any way I will need to learn either guitar or piano, and seeing that I already own a guitar, I hope to learn that. I need suggestions, cuz whenever I pick it up I just get frustrated or bored trying to learn chords. I need help!

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3 Responses to “How do you learn to play guitar and have fun?”

  1. guitarpicker56 said :

    You have yet to reach that level of self-motivation to excel at the guitar, move beyond the painful fingertips until the calluses arrive, and develop chord knowledge.

    Get a book of chords or Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method #1 booklet. Inside are instructions on tuning, chord formation, and basic music theory.

    Frustration will sway if you have a definite plan to overcome each stage of playing. Being bored with it tells me you really haven’t the interest to go beyond the effort required to learn the instrument.

  2. gibson_riffer said :

    look up the chords to a song u like and learn them…
    like Wild Thing’s chords are A, D, E, D, A

    so if u wanna play that… u learn those chords and have fun doing it… thats what i did and it makes it a lot easier to learn

  3. Lots of questions said :

    You need motivation for sure.

    There are many ways.
    If you’d like to accomplish it with someone you could
    a) Hire a music teacher
    b) Enlist the help of someone you know that plays guitar that you know you could get along with.

    If you’d like to accomplish it on your own, there are many ways
    a) Online. You may have to pay a fee, but you could do it on your own time in your own schedule [[you’d need the motivation to stick to it]]
    b) Buy a book..but most likely that’ll bore you
    c) Get a video.
    d) Figure it out on your own, or with a group of people.

    Good luck!


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