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Help with giving up smoking…?


I have set a date for giving up smoking and would like help from another who is giving up too.

I have tried to convince my dad to do it with me for moral support but he wont help!

So if anyone is planning to give up too, do it with me, together for moral support.

We can contact each other via email and support each other! Its all for a good cause and we will do it!


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4 Responses to “Help with giving up smoking…?”

  1. Hello :) said :

    my dad never gave up smoking until he got a heart attack. many people don’t stop until something bad happens to them. good for you that you are determined to quit, don’t wait for that bad day to come. i wish you the best of luck. 🙂

  2. said :

    I wish you luck. I was an x smoker, I had to stop because I have to use an inhaler daily. If I smoke it does not work, It won’t be easy to stop, But I am here rooting for you to stop. Good Luck

  3. jesabel said :

    Good luck with your quit! I have quit now for 41 days and will never look back. I thought it would be so much harder but its only the first 2 weeks which were a bit difficult.
    I am pregnant so had no choice but will def not go back to that disgusting habit.
    Try to keep iy clear in your head your reasons why and you wont fail!
    Maybe your dad will join once he realises you can do it.

  4. TRINI said :

    Good luck! I have not smoke for 30 days now. All you need is tell yourself that nothing can make a slave. Every time you feel like smoking suck a mint, do something until the urge passes. Good luck again.


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