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What is your reason for not giving up smoking?

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11 Responses to “What is your reason for not giving up smoking?”

  1. oneafter99 said :


  2. homeward07 said :

    becoz i never started

  3. Jessica Marie said :

    It sucks that I can`t quit, But i`ve really been trying, Now i`m on 2 cigs a day, I`m almost there so It feels pretty good.. I`m tired of being held down to those things..

  4. Anthony Spears said :

    I like smoking and I don’t believe the hype about how bad it is for you. With so many folks in their 90’s and 100’s who smoked their whole life, it can’t be that bad for you.

  5. Kenny V said :

    because its delicioso

  6. aston184 said :

    The truth? The patches & stuff are at least $50 bucks a pop. Yes, I know it will save me money in the long run, but it’s hard to plop down that much at one time when I could spend it on other things, like shoes.

    No, I don’t have the willpower to quit cold-turkey. Tried & failed more times then I can count.

  7. Divine Apathy said :

    Everyone wants to feel a little bit in control of something in their lives.

  8. wee willy said :

    I enjoy smoking. .been doing it 50 years. and in better health. than. others never smoke.

  9. Hidalgo said :

    becoz i want to die young and make an example of my life. the young n the restless who achieved so much in so little time and smoked his way to hell. Later i want all cigarette makers to put my pic on their box and a national stamp be made in my memory with the picture of a skull and cross-bones emitting smoke.
    I would also like people to light up when they come to my grave. i don’t need flowers, but i need to smell that smoke even when i’m dead.
    i want to donate my lungs to medical science so students can see what happens when they smoke their lives out

  10. Alissa said :

    because i figure that by the time i’m old enough for it to kill me, there will be something invented that will completely reverse the affects of it:)

  11. sagdeeva1992z said :
  12. yulya-varfw said :


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