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do you know any sites that i can learn to play guitar from?

and is it hard to learn alone? do i have to learn song by song or will the tune come naturally if i know how to play it?

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5 Responses to “do you know any sites that i can learn to play guitar from?”

  1. riotgrrrl104 said :

    Go to youtube and look up Justin Sandercoe or go to

    I can’t play guitar all that well, but I’ve learned what I know from this guy. He’s an awesome teacher, and he has lessons for a lot songs.

  2. eightminutesupsidedown said :
  3. krazy_dun said :

    Go to youtube… everything is on youtube remember!! ha ha but seriously i heard there was some good videos on there.. I plan to use it once mine finally ships here!

  4. Fabk said :
  5. chessmaster1018 said :

    I teach and play classical and acoustic, so I prefer students to get a teacher, but if that’s imposable there are some good links that you can go to for lessons, the free sites aren’t as good, but I’ll give you a few at the end. I won’t lie to you guitar isn’t easy to learn, unless you just want to learn a few chords and strum a few songs, otherwise it does take some effort. It comes easier to some then others, if you have perfect pitch it makes it a lot easier, or if your someone with a genius level brain you’ll learn in no time…..but most of us don’t have those attributes… takes time and work, just like anything else, you didn’t learn to read overnight, well playing guitar is something that your going to have to put in an hour a day for months just to get the callouses necessary to play without pain…..but believe me it’s well worth the effort, I’ve played for over thirty five years and have loved every minute of it. As for things coming naturally, I doubt it, after a while when you learn chords they come naturally, after a while you just play them without thinking about them, but this takes time, now if you have perfect pitch it would make things a lot easier, but unfortunately not many of us do. Most of us when we hear a new song have to work at it a bit, we just don’t hear it once and play it, some people can do that but not many. click on the guitar, this site has a lot of information for guitarist, just name the chord and it shows you how to make it, it also has a free electronic tuner on it’s homepage.
    Free Sites :
    Tabs ;
    I’m not crazy about tabs, I’d rather people learn to read music notation. Well good luck to you, and I hope that something above helps to get you started, good luck to you !!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I’ve also heard that youtube has free lessons !!!!!!


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