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Are there any decent sites where I can learn to play guitar?

I was hoping even a little bit of chance that I would able to learn to play a guitar. I’m really willing to put myself through hours of learning to play this instrument. I really don’t know anything LOL. Maybe just some simple tutorials, Link it to me please.

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7 Responses to “Are there any decent sites where I can learn to play guitar?”

  1. Henry Oarris said :

    I learned with these two books:

    They are not ripoffs I REALLY reccomend them… they are worth the money.

    I learned in 2 months with both these books.

  2. Yeeersh! said :

  3. Kab said :

    Learning the Guitar
    You need a course of instruction and live human contact.
    The best way is with a private teacher
    2nd would be class lessons
    3rd regularly get together with other guitar players
    or if you absolutely will or cannot do the above, Buy a book on how to play the guitar and follow it religiously.
    Last would be to find some free online lessons and skip around in them doing what YOU think you want to do next.
    Guitar is one of the world’s most popular instruments.
    It is easy to take with you.
    It has a sound that people like.
    It can be use in almost any type of music.
    Almost anyone can learn to play it.
    Simple music is easily played after only a few days or weeks.
    You can continue to learn new and challenging music forever.

  4. Steven Smidley said :

    Another site to consider is they have videos where the guitar tablature lights up while a guitarist plays the song. I saw videos for Fur Elise by Beethoven and the Super Mario Bros music. Both these songs have simplified versions as well as advanced versions at that site. Youtube has a lot of lessons but they aren’t all good.

  5. Average Mike said :

    The best site in the world is not as good as lessons with a professional guitar teacher.

  6. Joseph Hawking said :

    Check this one out – it’s great for beginners.

  7. John Leyo 1 said :

    Yes, I’ve found 2 websites that really made me learn. They’re: – you can buy DVDs from there, with techniques and songs. They also have that youtube page, And I like because they have DVDs, from techniques to great complicated songs. I recommend these.


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