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Do you need to know how to play guitar to learn how to play bass guitar?

Just something I’ve been wondering.

I don’t know how to play any instrument at all and I’ve been thinking that perhaps I should give it a go.
I’ve always liked the song of bass guitars so that is why it popped to my mind.
I don’t want to learn to play so I can be part of a band or anything, I dont even care if I never get any good at it. It is more just a sit and home and feel proud of myself for learning something.

Is it easier to learn guitar and then move onto bass or is it just as easy to just start off with bass?
*sorry about the typos up there, I wasn’t paying attention. Song is meant to =sound

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8 Responses to “Do you need to know how to play guitar to learn how to play bass guitar?”

  1. AMac said :

    Someone I know learned on the bass guitar and can play as well as any professional I’ve ever heard. My son learned on the bass guitar and is great! He found it easy to switch to regular guitar. Follow your heart! Have fun and you should be proud for trying something that means a lot to you.

  2. Irish Bastard said :

    Bass is easier, I can’t play regular guitar. Plus, I can’t sing worth a crap. Chicks dig bass players too, that’s all you need to know. And if you can’t play, then fake it till you make it.

    Oops – you’re a chick. If the shoe fits….

  3. Sean T said :

    I’ve played guitar for over 35 years. Bass is WAY harder than guitar, if you’re just learning. You can’t just bash out a couple of chords like on guitar. As a bassist, you are actually the link between the rhythm and the melody. Don’t think that just because you have less strings and pretty much plunk root notes (I’m assuming you play kids music) that bass is any easier than guitar.

    PS: If you just want to play in your bedroom, play guitar. More self-entertaining that bass, for sure…

  4. Dahs said :

    Actually, playing guitar or bass guitar requires both dexterity and rhythm. The only difference is on your standard bass guitar you have four strings and on your standard guitar there are two more strings.
    You can play chords on either, but only the guitar is “designed” to play chords.
    If you’re just wanting to play for your own edification, then get an inexpensive “starter” bass kit (you can find one at Wal-Mart or Costco for around $120 complete with a small amp, and chord and a book) But buy an Ernie Ball Beginning Bass Book, (about $5) if it’s not included with the kit and have at it.
    You don’t need to learn play guitar, in fact although the two instruments are extremely similar the theory behind them is very different.
    Guitar is a rhythm section Axe, but only when it’s comping.
    Bass and drums are THE rhythm section. So in a typical sense the bass plays differently than the guitar.
    Look at your typical sheet music and you’ll see it’s broken down into treble (G) clef or right hand piano, and bass (F) clef or left hand piano.
    Learning to play any instrument takes some effort but if you’re clear from the start about where it is you want to go with your playing, which you seem to be, it can be fun and rewarding.

  5. Ann B said : don’t need to learn the guitar first
    2.bass is the shit
    3.playing bass alone(not in a band) – not such a good idea.
    4. my suggestion: learn electric guitar. it’s the easiest. and it’s fun alone too.
    good luck.

  6. Renegade Rhianna said :

    I’ve started on bass and am ending on bass. I have no clue on how to play guitar, nor do I care. Bass theory is far different than guitar theory. I ticks me off when I hear about some guitarist that switches to bass in order to be in a band. All it does is provide the low-end ‘noise’ rather than a musician. If you want to learn guitar, learn guitar, if you want to learn bass, learn bass. If bass is the perminant route you want to take, start on bass. It’ll make you a better musician.

  7. amed y said :

    playing bass is more easier compare playing regular guitar..
    trust me..
    i’m one of them..

  8. musiclover32 said :

    Though knowing how to play guitar would help your bass guitar playing, it is not essential.


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