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What instrument is harder to learn to play, the flute or the guitar?

I have learned how to play the flute and I own a guitar but have nowhere to take lessons. I only get to take them for eight days in the summer. I do practice what I know a lot. What would you say is harder to learn? Also, can someone teach themselves to play guitar?

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9 Responses to “What instrument is harder to learn to play, the flute or the guitar?”

  1. Brittany said :

    I say the flute is a ton easier. I have played the flute for five years and I was in my school’s honors band in about 6 months. About 2 years ago, I wanted to learn the guitar and I went into lessons for about a year, and I couldn’t get it at all. But, probably, that’s only me

  2. Jonnoo said :

    there is not one thats easier than the other but i would say guitar has an easier learning curve and you can sing with it as well hope that helps 🙂

  3. Macey said :

    the flute is way harder. you have a bunch of buttons you can push plus you have to change very quickly.

  4. The Smiley face is really me :) said :

    In general, guitar is much harder to play in my opinion, but that depends on you. But it’s well worth it because once you learn how to improvise, it’s super fun.

  5. Lauren said :

    Guitar is much, much harder to learn. I’ve tried, and failed epically. Flute? I’m one of the top in the state of Oregon after 4 years of playing. And yes, you can teach your self how to play guitar. My brother did it, and he’s pretty good. It just takes a TON of time and effort.

  6. LadyFenyx said :

    I’ve told this to a LOT of people- there’s NO SO SUCH THING as an “easy instrument”- they’re ALL hard! Some people also learn different instruments easier than others- like I can’t play guitar at ALL, but I play some flute as well as several other woodwinds.
    So yes, maybe you will be better at flute than guitar, maybe not.

  7. Mrs.Eclair Heartnet said :

    I would have to say the Guitar is harder to learn then the Flute

  8. Amanda said :

    i also play the flute. i dont play the guitar but i take piano lessons. piano should be easier to learn than flute but it wasnt for me. what im saying is that everyone learns differently so some people might consider the flute easier than the guitar and vice versa. sorry to get all crazy like that just saying. i’d say the flute is harder because there are more keys and notes to learn but thats just me. and yes i know people who have taught themselves to play guitar. good luck! if you practice a lot im sure you can do it!

  9. Anynymous Girl said :

    Okay, so I’m not judging anyone. But, this is a question I’ve been waiting to answer. Flute is WAY harder, in my opinion. Number one, you have to learn all the notes and there’s lots of keys. Not to mention there are alternative fingerings to certain notes, you have to blow a certain way hold your lips a certain way, and even though it may seem easy it’s very hard to get a good sound. Depending on how your standing and breathing also matters. It’s really easy to become lightheaded and/or get headaches and you get tired quickly. And you actually have to know how to read music. I’ve played flute for three years and I’m still not ‘excellent’
    I took guitar for about 2 months and I didn’t like it. Didn’t like it because it wasn’t enough of a challenge. So your fingers get hurt, all you have to do is hold down a chord and strum. Doesn’t matter how your sitting, you don’t get headaches, you don’t have to blow, all you have to do is learn chords. You don’t even have to know how to read music.
    Also, people can teach themselves to play guitar, like I meantioned earlier because all you have to do is learn chords.
    Flute you have to actually get a teacher.
    Hope this helped! And my answer is somewhat accurate because I have experience with both instruments. (:


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