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Which instrument should i learn to play? Guitar vs Keyboard/Piano?

I’ve been wanting to learn to play an instrument forever, and I figured that the guitar or keyboard would be the most fun and maybe help me out a little in a life of music.. which should i choose?

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3 Responses to “Which instrument should i learn to play? Guitar vs Keyboard/Piano?”

  1. Daniel said :

    guitar. so much fun to play and more impressive to show off to friends compared to the keyboard

  2. Michele said :

    The Bagpipes! I’ve always learn to play them!

  3. Hi ppl said :

    well, guitars are more popular. BUT, learning how to play the piano will help you if you ever want to learn other instruments, because the way to read music notes for piano is similar to other instruments. i play the drums, but i am thinking of learning how to play guitar and piano.
    the best thing to play is the one YOU want to play. hope i helped 🙂


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