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Does anybody have chicken recipes for a 7 month old?

I want to start her with chicken..

Any recipes? She is 7 months old and has no teeth yet.

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4 Responses to “Does anybody have chicken recipes for a 7 month old?”

  1. lOvAbLe Me said :

    you could make a chicken soup with noodles and veggies and grind it up for her on a food processor or blender… not that heavy on her stomach since she’s eating it for the first time this would be the best way to give it to her…

  2. She is my Sunshine said :

    I feel like I am wearing chicken out for my 11month old. I am always afraid to season things. So we either do baked or grilled chicken for her, we marinade ours though. Then do the same ole stuff… steamed veggies and a starch on the side, potato’s, mac and cheese or something like that. I hope to see some good recipes here.

  3. Shaniqua Jadezy Beezy! said :

    i alwayz just give demz friend chickenz. dey lovez it homez.

  4. rxqueen said :

    I make casserole which is just chicken (or beef or lamb) slow cooked in stock with some potato, carrots and sweet potato. I was pureeing it for my LO at 6 or 7 months but now he is 9 months he is eating it whole. The vegies go really nice and soft and the meat is so tender that it is easy for him to chew even tho he still doesnt have any teeth!

    Oh and we eat it for dinner too so dont have to double up on the cooking!

    Here’s a link to a bunch of recipes for 6-9 month olds.


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