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Does anyone have some toddler friendly chicken casserole recipes?

I would really like some new ideas for toddler friendly casseroles with chicken in them. My toddlers are 18 months. I have school age kids too. My husband is tired of the ones I have been making so I need new recipes.

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have some toddler friendly chicken casserole recipes?”

  1. pdooma said :

    I make a garlic Parmesan chicken mac & cheese casserole. It’s pretty yummy.

    I use whole wheat pasta (if I don’t make it, I use Dreamfields). Then I make a roux (flour and butter) for a white sauce. I use fresh Parmesan in the sauce (the pregrated stuff doesn’t melt very well). In a skillet, I cook garlic in olive oil,with the cubed chicken, salt and pepper. It mellows the garlic. Then I mix everything together and put in a dutch oven. Top with more grated Parmesan and put in the oven just to get bubbly and a nice crust on top. One key is to make more sauce than you think you’ll need because the pasta absorbs it as it bakes.

    This also works really well when you have leftover chicken. I just heat it through and mix it in. Also is great with added broccoli and/or mushrooms in it.

  2. Kass n J + Babayyy said :

    yes hold on, ill be back to edit 😉

    LOVE THIS, with mashed potatoes!!!

    I dont use the onion and I use real chicken

    I also like to take chicken cube it, mix with cream of mushroom, mushrooms, and mushroom rice serve with a roll and its delish! I always cook the rice and chicken then mix everything in a casserole and bake

    My bf doesnt like mushrooms so I also have made it with brocolli, cream of brocolli and cheddar brocolli rice 😉

    My son also likes vodka pasta. I get rotini noodles mix with a can of vodka sauce (calssico brand) salad shrimp, top with italian cheese and bake Sometimes I add a tad of regular tomato sauce I like it both ways

  3. happymomof2 said :

    I have a recipe my kids usually really like. You make Stove-Top stuffing and when it’s done, spread it on the bottom of a cake pan with a spatula.
    In a bowl, mix diced chicken (cooked), and frozen peas or broccoli (cooked first) with 2 cans of cream of chicken soup and some milk (little less than a full soup can). Spread this onto the stuffing in the cake pan and sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese and cook at 350 for 10-15 min. (Sorry, I don’t have exact measurements for this. Still pretty easy to make and hard to screw it up!).
    Otherwise, I really like this web-site for getting recipes. This link will take you to a bunch of chicken casserole recipes!


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